Chloe Saxon Flaunts Her Curvy Derriere, Simply Teases ‘Wedgie’

Chloe Saxon snaps a selfie
Chloe Saxon / Instagram

Chloe Saxon took to Instagram on Saturday to share a new snapshot that caused a stir among her followers. The brunette bombshell struck a pose for this latest upload that gave everybody a chance to fully appreciate her ample booty, and it looks like people were quite pleased.

The Saturday Instagram post showed Chloe standing in a doorway with her back to the camera. It looked like this may have been the door to her bedroom, as there was a mirror and a table along the wall opposite where she stood. The room also had a chandelier and some flowery touches that did not go unnoticed.

The stunning model had her long, dark hair pulled back into a simple ponytail. Her bangs, along with a few wisps of her locks, gently framed her face. She appeared to be wearing heavy eyeliner and mascara along with a brownish-pink lip color that suited her coloring perfectly.

Chloe was dressed in a peach-colored workout bra and a clingy pair of booty shorts. Several of her tattoos could be seen with this pose and ensemble, including ones on her back, wrist, thigh, and bum.

The model looked slightly over her shoulder and off to the side as the photographer snapped the shot. In addition, she stood with one hand placed on her upper thigh as her other arm was bent on her other side. In her caption, Chloe teased that she had a wedgie, and it was certainly true that her booty shorts left little to the imagination.

The thin white fabric barely covered Chloe’s plump booty. It appeared that she may have folded the waistband down at her waist to make them even shorter, giving her followers a full view of her curvy backside.

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The voluptuous model has nearly 750,000 fans following her Instagram posts. Within just an hour, more than 9,000 people had already liked this latest look. Almost 200 comments piled up during that time as well, and people had plenty of praise to heap on Chloe.

“I still can’t get enough of your sexy buns,” declared one follower.

“You got the best shape love by far,” a fan wrote.

“Oh girl you stunner,” a female follower noted.

“You looking so amazing beautiful and sexy and I love you so much,” another follower praised.

Earlier this week, Chloe shared a couple of snaps that showed her from the front. She flaunted her deep cleavage, chiseled abs, and hourglass figure, and her fans loved the look. Now, with this latest upload, fans got a chance to be reminded of how stunning her physique is from the back as well.