LL Cool J, Brad Paisley Team Up For ‘Accidental Racist’ And It’s So Racist

LL Cool J and Brad Paisley have collaborated on a new song called “Accidental Racist,” and the final result is … well, it’s a musical composition that features two big names spanning variable genres, is basically the most we can say.

LL Cool J is one of rap’s living legends, and a pioneer in the genre — and Brad Paisley is like … a dude that people who shop at Walmart listen to while fishing or hunting or something? Not really sure.

Anyway, LL Cool J for some reason consented to do this awful “Accidental Racist” song. And it kind of sounds actually on purpose racist. It’s pretty bad.

“Accidental Racist” is being panned across the internet right now, and for good reason … because the first word is not really necessary in the title. Essentially, it’s a redux of the tired old lament about how hard the legacy of slavery and racism has been on white people.

Really. It’s all tearful and countryfied and bemoaning how hard it is to get side eye for wearing a rebel flag shirt. Actually not making this up.

In it, Paisley whines:

“I’m proud of where I’m from, but not everything we’ve done. It ain’t like you and me can rewrite history. Our generation didn’t start this nation, and we’re still picking up the pieces, walking on eggshells, fighting over yesterday. Caught between southern pride and southern blame …. Cause I’m a white man, living in the south land.”

Yes, won’t someone please think of the white men?

Luckily, for some inexplicable reason, LL Cool J was willing to take up this challenge, as if white people in the south are actually bullied and treated poorly simply because they happen to wear symbols of slave states. Ugh.

LL raps:

“Dear Mr. White Man, I wish you understood what the world is really like when you’re living in the hood. Just because my pants are sagging doesn’t mean I’m up to no good. You should try to get to know me, I really wish you would … If you don’t judge my do-rag, I won’t judge your red flag.”

Then LL Cool J actually says:

If you don’t judge my gold chains … I’ll forget the iron chains.”

Can we all unite in the streets to let LL Cool J and Brad Paisley know how hard “Accidental Racist” sucks? Also. This totally ruins “Mama Said Knock You Out” for me. Ugh.