Sara Gilbert Engaged To Musician Girlfriend

Sara Gilbert got engaged last week after an epically romantic proposal from her girlfriend.

Musician Linda Perry, who has dated the former Roseanne star since 2011, apparently went to great lengths to make the moment memorable and special. Gilbert described how Perry popped the question during today’s episode of The Talk.

According to Gilbert, the couple were sharing a romantic picnic at the park when a street musician began playing one of their favorite songs.

Although she assumed it was just a strange coincidence, Sara Gilbert recalled the moment as “magical and amazing.” Perry, however, had several more surprises up her sleeve.

The Talk co-host described what happened next: “So that ends and she’s like, ‘Oh, I’m going ask him to play this other song,’ but this other song is really obscure and this guy wouldn’t know it, but magically he knows it…”

According to Gilbert, that’s when Perry’s romantic plan went into full swing. Nearby picnickers suddenly produced string instruments and began playing “Lovesong” by The Cure.

Once the setting was perfect, Linda Perry creatively popped the question by donning a series of shirts that spelled out “Will you marry me.”

“So then she says, ‘Ok, turn around,’ and I turn around and our mums are there and a couple friends… So I think that’s it and it’s the most amazing proposal ever and then… this guy walks up and she’s like, ‘This is John Waite,’ and he starts playing “Missing You,” described the TV veteran.

Sara Gilbert indicated that she wanted to be open with viewers about her engagement because of the support she has received from fans on the topic of gay marriage:

“I happened to be talking about gay marriage and I thank you all for your support on that issue,” she explained. “…that was before I had any idea about any of this. I’m super shy and don’t usually want to tell anything but I wanted you guys to know because I feel like you’re a part of our family here.”

Linda Perry

When people across the nation recently changed their Facebook and Twitter avatars to a red equal sign in support of gay marriage, the actress spoke publicly about how the issue personally affected her. During an episode of The Talk, an emotional Sara Gilbert stated the following:

“I really feel moved and proud to be part of a country that will embrace change. This is an emotional topic for me. It’s very painful to feel like people think that your love isn’t equal in some way. I love my family the same as anyone else loves their family and I’m really grateful for all the support.”

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