Abby Dowse Flaunts Her Backside View In A Pink Thong For Steamy Weekend Snap

The phrase "pretty in pink" is one that has been uttered by countless people in a variety of contexts. In the case of Australian model and Instagram star Abby Dowse, however, the classic adage might be the most accurate description of her most recent update on the platform.

In a photo posted to Instagram on June 5, the 30-year-old Dowse provided her 2.3 million followers with a visual treat to get their weekend started right. The sexy snapshot showed off her cheeky backside in all its glory, with little more than a tiny pink thong to cover it.

The rear-view shot showed the Sydney, New South Wales, product turned slightly at the waist and neck so she could peer over her shoulder and at the camera's lens. As she did so, Dowse held a pair of sunglasses up above her forehead and smiled wryly for the shot. All the while, her wild blond hair flowed backward, draping over the opposite shoulder in the poolside pic.

Dowse's back and bust were covered by a pink top to match her skimpy bikini bottoms. However, the base of her spine and the curves created by her tight waist and hips were left exposed. With her free arm resting on her left hip and its hand tracing the outline of her leg below it, the Fashion Nova ambassador's booty was similarly bare, save for the small fraction of fabric that made up her thong.

Meanwhile, the model's slightly bronzed skin stood in stark contrast to the pool's blue-and-green hues and the palm trees and other vegetation that was visible in the background of the shot.

Dowse's photo unsurprisingly resonated with her fans in a major way. In just 30 minutes after hitting her feed, it had generated more than 5,000 likes, while a plethora of admirers filled the comments section with compliments.

"It will be babe so much beauty in one picture lookinnnnnng gooooood," wrote one fan, in response to the photo's caption.

"Fantastic pic! Weekend just got better," opined another commenter.

"That end would make anyone weak," read a third admirer's clever response.

"Love the perfection," wrote another admirer of Dowse's provocative pose.

Dowse has been teasing her followers with incredible photos at a breakneck pace as of late. Less than 12 hours before flaunting her cheeks, she shared another snapshot where she showed off her toned physique in a barely there bikini, as shared by The Inquisitr.