Bru Luccas Washes Her Windows In Skimpy Booty Shorts & Crop Top

Bru Luccas snaps a selfie.
Bru Luccas / Instagram

Bru Luccas took to Instagram to share a sizzling shot that featured her in a pair of booty shorts and a crop top. The model’s 3.1 million followers have shown nothing but love for the photo that was added to her feed a short time ago.

The photo captured the model hard at work. She did not use a geotag to pinpoint her exact location, but she posed outside in front of a sliding glass door. Bru appeared to be deep in concentration as she stared directly in front of her.

The Brazilian model held a blue bucket that was filled with water in one hand and used her other hand to wash her window with a soapy substance. In her caption, she shared with fans that it was cleaning day and asked what everyone else was up to today. The day of chores called for skimpy attire that highlighted her gym-honed figure.

On her upper half, she sported a tiny crop top that hardly covered her shredded body. The piece had ruched sleeves that fell down her shoulders and a scooping neckline that left her ample bust on display. In the middle of her chest were two strings that she wore untied, and the pieces fell to her ribs. The top of the garment was lined with the same ruched fabric as her sleeves, while the center was tight on her tummy.

She opted for scandalous attire on her lower half as well. Bru slipped into a pair of skintight navy shorts, helping to accentuate her curvaceous figure. The tiny garment was decorated with small white dots and hit dangerously high on her thigh, leaving her strong stems on display. Bru rolled the waistband of the shorts and flaunted her taut tummy and tiny waist.

Bru pulled her ombre-dyed locks out of her face with a snakeskin headband. Her hair spilled messily down her back and it had several natural waves. The model appeared to be wearing a small application of glam, which included defined brows and a dusting of blush.

In a few short hours, the photo has amassed over 73,000 likes from her captivated audience. More than 400 others shared their thoughts in the comments section, with many using emoji instead of words.

“So very beautiful,” one follower commented with a series of flames and hearts.

“Curvy Excellence. Your body is magical, my dear,” a second fan commented.

“Need a hand? I wouldn’t mind coming over to help a bit,” another offered.

“Fantastically beautiful,” another social media user said of her.