Bruna Rangel Lima Rocks A Revealing Lace-Up Top In New Instagram Videos

Bruna Lima poses for a selfie on Instagram.
Bruna Lima / Instagram

On Friday, June 5, Bruna Rangel Lima shared several Instagram story clips of herself wearing a lace-up shirt that showcased her assets.

The first video teased fans with just a hint of the ribbed, long-sleeved crop top, though it was enough to show off her buxom bust, which was greatly amplified in the garment. She tilted the camera sideways, tucking one lock of hair behind her ear as she zoomed in on her face.

The second snippet featured more of the sky blue shirt, which appeared tied into a bow. Bruna was in her car for this footage, and her tan blended in with the color of her seats, as she noted in the caption of the post.

“Matching my interior,” she wrote, including a shining star emoji.

The third clip gave her 4.1 million Instagram followers the best look at her ensemble. She posted a full-frontal view of the top, which featured an open panel down the middle of the shirt. The panel was laced up with a matching blue string. Her curvaceous cleavage, which also showed through the open slit, peeked out from the top. The garment stretched across her voluptuous bust.

She paired the top with black high-waisted jeans with a double button. The pants rode up high on her waist and obscured her navel, though a hint of her midriff was visible. The combination of the skimpy crop top and denim bottoms showcased her hourglass figure and fit physique.

Bruna held her two white dogs in her arms as she promoted her TikTok account.

Her hair was parted in the middle and appeared dark at the roots, transitioning into a blond shade that gave her locks a two-toned effect. The two pieces framing her face particularly stood out in a caramel-colored hue.

Bruna seemingly chose to go with a natural makeup look.

Her brows arched over her honey brown eyes. Her lashes appeared to be coated with black mascara, and curled upward dramatically, nearly hitting her brow bone. It looked as if she wore a tan shadow on her lids, and her waterline looked to be filled in with pencil.

The tip of her nose seemed to be dusted with highlighter, and her contoured cheeks appeared to be brushed with bronzer, making her cheekbones pop.

It looked as if she wore an orange-peach gloss on her lips.

She wore a diamond stud in her nose.

Bruna wore the “coconut” filter in two out of the three video clips, which made her sun-kissed skin look even more tanned.