Nelson Mandela Death Wish A Misquote? ‘Don’t You Also Wish He Would Die?’

A Nelson Mandela death wish is being claimed as a misquote, with Professor Jonathan Jansen claiming reporters took his comments out of context.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, reports of the death of Nelson Mandela are incorrect. Nelson Mandela was released from the hospital after spending nine days there for pneumonia treatment. The 94-year-old has been in the hospital three time in the past four months and suffered from repeated lung infections.

Unfortunately, the media has been watching for the death of Nelson Mandela like vultures. A DStv obituary even aired, claiming Nelson Mandela’s death. ANC spokesman Jackson Mthembu called the TV station out for the mistake:

“This was uncalled for and totally insensitive. President Mandela is alive and receiving treatment for a recurring lung infection, as reported by the presidency. We join millions of South Africans and people all over the world in wishing Madiba a speedy recovery and discharge from the hospital. We also join all those who are offering their prayers for the old statesman to get better.”

Reports of the Nelson Mandela death wish began when newspapers reported University of the Free State vice-chancellor Professor Jonathan Jansen asking a group of 250 students: “Don’t you also wish [Nelson Mandela] would die?”

Jansen went on to explain this Nelson Mandela death comment, saying, “”Every time we hear he’s in hospital, everyone thinks, this is it, he’s going to die this time. Big Mac [Maharaj, presidential spokesperson] is lying when he says Madiba is in for check-ups. When you are 94, you go to hospital to die; not for routine tests.”

Now Professor Jansen is claiming his comments were taken out of context and he meant to say he wished Nelson Mandela would be left to die in peace. Jansen has taken to Twitter to defend himself:

Do you think the comment by Professor Jansen is a Nelson Mandela death wish or a misquote?