Jordan Pruitt Calls Lea Michele A 'Horrible Human Being' & Says 'Everyone' Knows It

Actress and singer Jordan Pruitt called Lea Michele a "horrible human being" and said that "everyone" knows it in a new tweet. The former Glee alum was taken to task for claims of bad behavior by the former Voice contestant and Disney Channel alum. She added her comments to those who recently claimed the television star had a history of questionable behavior.

Jordan tweeted her statements on June 4. Us Weekly reported her feelings on the matter. Both her Twitter and Instagram accounts are currently set to private.

"Everyone in Hollywood KNOWS that Lea Michele is a horrible human being …. she is a B*tch to everyone. We all know it … yawn. Moving on …" stated the Voice alum on Twitter.

Singer Jordan Pruitt arrives at the Walt Disney Pictures'
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Jordan then responded to a fan on Twitter by alluding to "much more tea where that came from but I ain't spillin." She attempted to clarify her knowledge of the situation in a follow-up statement.

"Well, I lived in L.A. and worked there for a LONG time. I've seen ALOT. Comes with the territory. I'm just saying; the only thing shocking is that people are just now calling her out … about time."
Jordan was a former star of the films Jump In! and High School Musical 3: Senior Year. She did not clarify whether her statement came from firsthand experience. Jordan also appeared in the third season of The Voice where she competed as part of Team Christina Aguilera. She was eliminated after a competition against fellow singer Adriana Louise in the show's battle rounds.

A backlash against Lea began after her Glee Season 6 co-star Samantha Ware took the actress to task for Lea's tweet of support for the Black Lives Matter movement. In a statement, Samantha claimed that Lea once told her she would defecate in her wig. This tweet caused a backlash against Lea by several others who have worked with the actress in the past.

Following Samantha's tweet, Lea was called out by former Glee castmate Heather Morris, who revealed her own alleged interactions with the actress. On June 4, The Inquisitr reported that a former producer of the Fox series tweeted there were lots of bad actors on the set of the series without naming anyone specifically. Lea addressed the accusations put forth by Samantha Ware in a lengthy Instagram post on June 3 where she expressed her sorrow and stated she would be better in the future from this experience.