Alexa Collins Sizzles In White Crop Top & Floral Bikini While Sipping On Vodka

Alexa Collins snaps a mirror selfie.
Alexa Collins / Instagram

Alexa Collins showed off her stunning curves in a new post on Instagram on Friday morning. The model shared a series of photos on her feed in which she rocked a tiny crop top and a pair of floral bikini bottoms that left very little to the imagination as she sipped on some vodka.

The photos showed Alexa standing just outside her home on what appeared to be her patio or balcony. Behind her, a white sliding door was open and let into a living room. Though the room was dark, Alexa stood right under the bright sun and allowed the rays to wash over her tan skin. She looked positively radiant in her tiny ensemble.

Alexa’s look included a white off-the-shoulder crop top with puffy fabric around her bust and a tight waistband that hugged her curvy figure. The top rested low on Alexa’s chest, so a bit of her ample cleavage was on display. A small, white tie could be seen hanging down the front.

Alexa’s flat, toned tummy was on show between the top and a colorful bikini bottom covered in green, pink, yellow, orange and white hibiscus flowers. The bikini appeared to be tied loosely around her body, as the fabric gapped a bit in the front. The front also remained low on Alexa’s waist to show off her abs, while the sides tied high up above her hips and drew attention to her hourglass figure. Her long, lean legs were fully exposed.

Alexa accessorized the outfit with layered silver necklaces, stud earrings, and a few rings. She also appeared to be sporting a full face of makeup, including what looked to be bronzer, highlighter, white eyeliner, thick lashes, and a light pink lip gloss. The model wore her long, blond hair tied up in a messy bun, with a few strands left out to frame her face.

In the first shot, Alexa angled her body slightly in a way that emphasized her figure. In one hand, she held a bottle of Blue Ice vodka, and she had a mule drinking glass in the other. She smiled brightly as she looked to the sky. The second photo showed Alexa in a similar position, though this time she stared at the camera with a straight face.

The third photo showed Alexa taking a sip from the glass. She turned to face the other direction, allowing the sun to hit her toned tummy.

Alexa’s post garnered more than 7,000 likes and just over 140 comments in under an hour as fans showered the babe with praise.

“Beauty queen!” one fan said.

“Unbelievably gorgeous,” another user added.

Alexa always knows how to drive her fans wild. Earlier this week, she dressed up a bit in an all-black ensemble, which her followers loved.