’90 Day Fiancé’: Varya Malina Shares Whether She’ll Have Babies With Geoffrey Paschel

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This season of TLC’s 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days was filled with highs and lows for Varya Malina and her American boyfriend, Geoffrey Paschel, and Malina is rehashing the journey, according to a report from Screen Rant.

While appearing on The Domenick Nati Show on IGTV, Malina discussed the drama with Paschel’s ex before sharing her thoughts on other cast members and her plans for the future with Paschel. The Russian woman said she tried to apologize for the altercation that took place between herself and the other woman, but she simply wasn’t interested in building a friendship.

As for her relationship with Paschel, Malina was careful about sharing too many details since the reunion special hasn’t aired yet, but she did comment on whether she and Paschel were planning to have children in the future.

“We will discuss that,” she said. “I’m okay with having no children.”

As fans of the show know, Paschel already has children from his previous relationship. Malina revealed that she follows the boys on social media and has occasionally spoken to them since the show wrapped.

When asked about her fellow cast members, she said she isn’t super close with anyone from the show because of the distance between them, but she did share that she “absolutely loves” Erika Owens, who appeared on the season with then-girlfriend Stephanie Matto. She also mentioned receiving tremendous support from Tom Brooks, who appeared on a separate season of the show.

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Behind the scenes. Shocking content???? . Have you ever had a day off, after which it needs another week to recover? We had it during filming in Siberia. On that day, we not only watched as old women fed pigeons…Geoffrey ????. We had a wild breakaway at a Russian party. My brother’s wife had her 25 year old birthday party. Due to the weather, the city was like the scenery of Mordor, so we went out of town to fry kebabs and to steam in a Russian sauna. I finally met sister-in-law and my sweet little neice. And was also pleasantly surprised by the way Geoffrey played and nursed the baby—literally keeping her in his arms. Looking at this, my inner unicorns joined hands and sang a lullaby to our future children. I woke up when my brother said it’s time to have a drink. As my niece left with her grandparents, the adult part of the party began. There was a lot of alcohol and less clothes; because it was not needed in the sauna. My knight decided to conquer all Russians with his exploits: he drank and soared in the bathhouse on an equal basis with everyone. Consequently, I had hard time running after him with a towel. It was then I already felt like the nanny of a bearded tomboy. The evening flowed smoothly into the morning and after lengthy negotiations, I pushed Geoffrey into a waiting taxi and we headed home. On the way, he wailed that it was rude to leave the party in full swing and that my brother would probably decide that he was an American wimp. But fortunately, for the two of us, there was one with common sense: my mother. She said the crew will be here in a couple hours, hurry up! And the next morning we looked like a drunken groom and his mare; I do not regret anything. Initiation took place and he was a full Russian, maybe even more. The American thrived and even survived the shooting day with a wild hangover and headache. I was so proud. But that day he released his past????????‍♀️

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The couple met online after Paschel click on an ad for a Russian dating website. While appearing on the show, the pair gushed about each other and how amazing it was to have immediately connected through their online interaction. As the season went on, viewers watched as Paschel flew to Russia to propose to the woman he loved. Unfortunately, he wasn’t completely honest with her at the beginning of their relationship and was forced to reveal a major secret about his past. Paschel told Malina and her family that he spent time in prison for selling illegal substances, which caused Malina to reconsider moving forward with the relationship. She ended up telling him that she wasn’t ready to get married.

Paschel left Russia feeling rejected and decided to ignore Malina when he returned to the United States. He later reconnected with a past flame, as previously reported by The Inquisitr.

During the penultimate episode of the series, Malina showed up at Paschel’s front door to find him with his new girlfriend. After an argument between the two women, Malina and Paschel spent time reconnecting and got engaged by the end of the season. It’s currently unclear if the couple is still together, but Paschel has said he will be hosting his own version of the upcoming Tell-All special on YouTube.