Kayla Moody Leaves Nothing To The Imagination In Barely There Denim Coveralls Video

Kayla Moody takes a selfie.
Kayla Moody / Instagram

Instagram model Kayla Moody teased her 807,000 followers with yet another revealing Instagram video. Wearing a pair of denim coveralls and nothing underneath, she was very close to revealing all.

In the short clip — which can be seen via her Instagram — Kayla chose to wear a pair of pale denim coveralls as she sat at the wheel of an undetermined vehicle. Due to the fact that she decided not to add anything else underneath her coveralls, the long shoulder straps were the only things covering her ample chest. Even then, the garment left very little to the imagination as she turned her head towards the camera and pouted.

As the video started, Kayla’s hands held her long blond locks above her head. She then allowed her unstyled hair to fall through her fingers and settle around her shoulders. Next, the Instagram sensation stretched up high before turning, lowering her hands, and placing one finger in her mouth.

The celebrity wore what appeared to be dark mascara and minimal eyeliner. She seemingly used natural shades of eyeshadow to highlight her eyes and also looked to be wearing a dusty shade of pink lipstick to complete her makeup application.

Behind her, a field and several large trees in the distance could be seen, indicating that she might be somewhere like a farm.

Kayla then captioned the clip by stating she didn’t think there was anything in the “whole wide world like a southern girl.”

Her followers were quick to respond to the video, showing the model their appreciation for her newest video. Within six hours, it had gathered more than 20,000 likes and over 500 comments.

“You make being a southern girl look so damn good too,” one follower wrote.

“God bless America!!” declared a second fan.

“Coveralls never looked better,” a third user remarked.

“Wow what a hot view,” gushed a fourth person, who used a string of emoji for further emphasis.

In fact, many of her followers simply used emoji to convey how they felt about the image. The most popular were the heart-eyes, heart, fire, and kissing emoji.

Kayla is not shy with her body, often posting revealing Instagram posts. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, she recently posted a picture in which she wore tiny Daisy Duke shorts and a white top that only just covered her chest. That post proved popular as well, earning over 20,000 likes and more than 450 comments.