Lisa Lanceford Trains Her Back And Biceps In New Video Series

Lisa Lanceford snaps a selfie
Lisa Lanceford / Instagram

Lisa Lanceford targeted her biceps and back muscles in the most recent video series on her Instagram page.

Rocking a white sports bra and a pair of gray shorts, the British fitness trainer started her circuit with a series of lat pulldowns. For this exercise, she attached a resistance band to a wooden fence and threaded a broomstick through its handles. While on one knee, she pulled the broomstick down with her arms, keeping her elbows pointed outward as she did so. In a smaller clip superimposed onto one corner of the screen, Lisa showed how the exercise would be done at a gym with a machine.

Next, Lisa tackled a set of bent-over rows. For this exercise, she placed the middle of the resistance band beneath her feet. Bending forward, she stretched the ends of it toward her chest. With another superimposed clip, Lisa showed that the exercise would be done with a barbell at the gym.

Next, she went back to her broom and resistance band contraption for a set of straight-arm pulldowns. Unlike the first video, the resistance band’s handles were placed closer to each other on the broomstick. Starting in a standing position, Lisa bent her torso forward and raised her arms forcing the band to contract as she did so. As she raised her torso back to its original position, she pulled the resistance band toward her with the broomstick.

Single-arm rows came next. Lisa sat on the grass for this exercise with both legs extended in front of her. She placed the band around the sole of one sneaker and then pulled both ends toward her with the corresponding arm.

In the circuit’s final exercise, Lisa brought out a chair for some seated bicep curls. For this one, she also positioned the band beneath her feet and pulled its handles upward, hinging the motion at her elbows.

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The post has been liked over 10,000 times since its upload and more than 120 Instagram users have commented on it so far. In those comments, fans expressed their appreciation for the exercise demonstration and some of those comments came from fellow fitness influencers on the platform.

“So many good ideas, girl,” wrote Linn Lowes, a fitness trainer with 2.5 million Instagram followers.

Lisa’s not so famous fans dropped compliments in the comments section as well. Another Instagram user shared that they loved the creativity of Lisa’s workouts.

“I love your adaptations of the gym equipment so you can do it at home,” a third Instagram user wrote.

Others called her an inspiration.

“You are incredible and my biggest role model” a fourth supporter added. “Your arms are looking FIRE.”