‘Tai Chi Hero’ Trailer Hits With Poster [Video]

Tai Chi Hero just landed a trailer and poster.

Tai Chi Hero is the second part of a trilogy from the creators of Ip Man and Detective Dee and the Mystery of the Phantom Flame. The film’s action is directed by Sammo Hung Kam-Bo and filled with Tai Chi, steampunk, and enough videogame style fighting to knock you out of your seat. The visuals are promised to fly by as you stare slack-jawed at the over-the-top action.

The trailer begins with comic book pages flipping by almost in homage to the Marvel opening animation, but the words, “Previously on Tai Chi Zero” appear and then fly off like leaves. We see random fight stills including a bo staff knocking away the letters of the words, and a flying kick before we see an oriental fighter doing his best Bruce Lee grin alongside the words “A martial arts genius.”

We then see someone fighting in a crowd, and the hero running toward the camera alongside a rock-sided mountain as he reaches the top and we see a mountain range and the word “Travels…,” which switches to another scene with the words “to learn Tai Chi.”

We then see an older oriental practicing his moves before a girl tells the traveler, “We don’t teach outsiders.”

A door slams shut and what looks like sugar cubes fly at him in a neat array like a wall. There is another fight as the words on screen say, “Despite the challenges.”

We see the girl fighting before someone fires a bullet from a musket or something, which strikes the hero in the back of the head as he jumps in front of her. Then we see him at a gathering with the words, “He earns a place among the people.”

The girl asks him, “Got a problem?”

The rest of the trailer is below.

What do you think of the trailer for Tai Chi Hero?