‘The Walking Dead’ Twitter Asks Fans To ‘Educate’ Themselves In Relation To Black Lives Matters Stance

Promotional poster for Season 10 of AMC's 'The Walking Dead'

After posting their stance in relation to the Black Lives Matters movement, The Walking Dead‘s official Twitter account has asked fans to “educate” themselves after some unfollowed the account.

On June 2, The Walking Dead‘s Twitter account issued a statement regarding the Black Lives Matters movement currently sweeping the globe in response to the death of George Floyd. While insisting that the social media account is normally used in relation to the TV show, comic books, and relevant entertainment news, it had decided it would not be complicit in this matter by remaining silent. They also said that they would participate in Blackout Tuesday and donate to several charities involved.

This is a stance that many organizations have taken in response to Floyd’s death and the subsequent riots. However, it seems that many of The Walking Dead‘s fans decided they would unfollow the account because their views differed.

Heated debates occurred within the comments section of the original post. Some felt that political views should be kept off the page, whereas others supported the stance. Some also threatened to stop watching the hit zombie apocalypse series. Many of the actors involved in the TV series also stepped out in support of the stance.

As a result of this, The Walking Dead‘s Twitter account issued a further statement regarding those with opposing views on the Black Lives Matter movement and who had unfollowed them.

“Looks like we lost quite a few followers after posting about #BLM,” the account posted.

“We hope those who left educate themselves on these vital racial issues and learn to stand alongside their Black neighbors. #TWDFamily prides itself on its diversity. And if you want to leave over this, then [peace sign emoji].”

Ever since the death of Floyd, the social media account has been posting frequently regarding how people can help out and offering support for those engaged in protests. They also changed their bio on Twitter to simply include the Black Lives Matter hashtag, as well as changing their profile and cover pics to a black screen in support of Blackout Tuesday.

In addition, they have been sharing content from black people regarding why the Black Lives Matters movement is so important, not just for black people but for society as a whole.

According to Metro, not only has The Walking Dead‘s Skybound account posted many updates relating to their stance, but several actors from the hit zombie apocalypse series have as well. Besides many tweeting about their support, others, such as Norman Reedus, have taken to the streets and gotten involved in the protests themselves.