Instagram Model Brittany Renner Flaunts Her Curvy Body While Delivering A Message About ‘The Truth’

Brittany Renner posts a selfie on Instagram
Brittany Renner / Instagram

Instagram star Brittany Renner smoldered inside a gym locker room for her latest upload. She wore a tiny grey outfit that embellished her curves, including several slides in her post that discussed censorship and how the public was being controlled.

The model did not participate in #BlackoutTuesday by posting a black square on her page and instead added a sultry image to catch the attention of her followers while adding eight slides with a message. In the first snap, Renner looked scintillating as she lay down on a bench. Her skin glistened in the pic, which was taken in a locker room.

Renner laid on her side on top of a black bench as she faced the camera. She rested her left arm in front of her body and used her right arm to prop up her head. Her hair appeared soaking wet and was worn down. Behind her were a row of red lockers and a giant climbing rope.

The 28-year-old rocked a small gray crop top. She also wore a pair of matching bottoms in the same color that appeared to have a thong back. She hung her left leg partially off the bench, helping accentuate her thick thighs and hinting at her curvaceous booty. A tattoo on her upper thigh was visible. The model shared a caption that encouraged fans to visit Young Pharaoh’s Instagram page to learn more about the “truth.”

There was a meme in the next photo of Renner’s post that included six photos for “The Plannedemic.” It featured images about blaming President Donald Trump and a “Mandatory Vaccine Rollout.” Her next slide was a video excerpt from comedian George Carlin. The other slides included multiple screenshots, such as a quote from William Shakespeare, and ended with the model addressing her fans in a clip.

“I can’t make you do anything. I can only make you think. Now, the truth is always gonna be the truth,” she said in the video.

Many of Renner’s 5.1 million Instagram followers flocked to the upload, and over 163,000 of them showed their support by hitting the “like” button in just over seven hours after it went live. The update received a lot of engagement with over 2,300 comments.

“Yes yes yes thank you! One woke person with a following finally,” one fan wrote.

“Seeing an influencer like you post this has honestly made my day,” another person added.

“Brittany been mad crazy for a while. Now y’all know fr,” an Instagram user wrote while adding a face-palm emoji.

Last month, Renner titillated her admirers as she danced in a skintight bodysuit and rapped along to a popular Nicki Minaj track.

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