Brie Bella Responds To George Floyd Protests, Says It’s Parents’ Duty To Teach Kids ‘To Not Be Racist’

Lars NikiGetty Images

Brie Bella said she believes parents play a role in ending racism. In the most recent episode of The Bellas Podcast, which she co-hosts with her twin sister Nikki, the former pro-wrestler weighed in on the protests sweeping the country following George Floyd’s death. Brie said racism had long been an issue in American life, but Floyd’s death had really gotten to her.

“And in a way, I feel like it got everyone where it just broke you,” she continued.

She said that it’s gotten to the point where she felt that she and Nikki needed to speak about it. In recent days, Brie said she’s had to get off social media because of the debate roiling online over the protests.

“I’m blown away by some ignorant comments I see because I put up a post about racism and parenting, and I could not believe what some people were saying back to me,” she stated.

The wrestler continued, saying that she didn’t believe kids were born racists. Instead they learn that behavior while young.

“It’s our duty as parents to teach our kids to not be racist, to love everyone, show kindness,” she explained.

Nikki also weighed in, saying that both she and her sister would use their platform to stick up for the black community. She said everyone has to use their voice, whether they have millions of followers or a couple hundred. The former pro-wrestler also said that, while people can use their platforms for whatever they want, unity is the only way society is going to get through these challenges.

In a previous post on their Twitter account, the sisters asked their followers to stay safe and encouraged them to continue shining in spite of the darkness. They also shared an image with links to sites where their followers could donate to support protesters.

Even as they addressed systemic racism on their podcast, Brie and Nikki have also used the platform to discuss lighter topics. In one recent episode, the twins discussed the difficulty of getting their husbands interested in sex when they were pregnant. On the podcast, Brie, who is already a mother, explained to her sister that men often lose interest during the first pregnancy. Nikki explained that she’s been “so horny.” The sisters first announced they were both pregnant in January and explained they hadn’t planned to get pregnant and have children at almost the same time.