Joe & Kendra Duggar Share New Update And Adorable Photo Of 7-Month-Old Daughter Addison

Addison Duggar is 7 months old already.

Joe and Kendra Duggar at family's home.
Duggar family / Facebook

Addison Duggar is 7 months old already.

Joe and Kendra Duggar posted an Instagram share on Thursday, giving their fans an update on how their daughter, Addison, is doing. The little girl just turned 7 months old on June 4 and the Counting On stars decided that a new photo would be a good way to celebrate.

Joe and Kendra shared an update on the social media platform on a couple of things that Addison has managed to accomplish recently. The couple revealed that she is now sitting up on her own and that she has gotten her two teeth in already. In the adorable snapshot that went along with the Instagram post, the Duggar granddaughter was proudly displaying her bottom teeth while she was smiling for the camera. She was sitting up nice and pretty as well.

It appears that the cute photo was taken while someone, most likely either Joe or Kendra, was standing above her snapping away. She was looking up at them with a picture-perfect grin. It was taken outdoors while she was sitting down in the grass barefoot.

For her 7-month photo op, Addison wore a bluish-purple dress with colorful bold flowers imprinted all over it. She also had a pink headband wrapped around her head with a big bow on the top. The baby doesn’t have much hair just yet, but it almost looks like she may end up being sandy blond, just like her mom. She even had a little accessory added to the ensemble — a pretty baby bracelet wrapped around her left wrist.

Duggar fans were thrilled to see a brand new snap of Joe and Kendra’s second-born. Many of their 525,000 followers couldn’t help but comment on how sweet she is.

“Awwww she’s so precious just like your whole family,” said one admirer.

“She’s so precious! You guys must be over the moon,” another follower commented.

“Thanks for blessing our feed. She’s precious!” a third Duggar fan wrote.

Others commented on how much they loved Addison’s chubby fat rolls on her thighs and her adorable smile. A few even mentioned how much she looks like Kendra.

In addition, the reality stars shared two more photos of Addison in different poses in their Instagram stories. The first one was a side pic of the child. She was wearing the same outfit and hanging onto her baby toes as she was looking up. In the second snapshot, she appeared to have found something interesting to look at in the grass.

TLC posted a Mother’s Day video last month with the young Duggar men praising their wives’ mothering skills. Joe, in particular, talked about what a great mom Kendra is to their two kids. They also share a son, Garrett, who will turn 2 in just a few days on June 8.