June 4, 2020
'British Vogue' Makes Essential Workers Its July 2020 Cover Stars Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

British Vogue decided to highlight the essential workers who have been on the front lines during the coronavirus pandemic.

The publication that's known for adding celebrities and/or fashion influencers to its cover stories decided to make a change for the July 2020 issue. According to Us Weekly, the magazine featured three London essential workers to share the cover for the month. In the issue, train driver Narguis Harford, supermarket assistant Anisa Omar, and midwife Rachel Millar explain how COVID-19 has affected their jobs over the past few months.

"The July 2020 cover story celebrates the millions of people in the UK who, at the height of the pandemic, and in the face of danger, put on their uniforms and went to work," Vogue wrote in a statement.

During her interview, Harford admitted that her family is concerned for her when she goes to work. While she has worked for London's transportation system for a decade, she said the new circumstances have caused her to distance herself from her family in order to keep them safe.

"They do worry, especially my grandmother. This has certainly shown us that life is short. And we can't take anything for granted. I can't see myself doing anything else," Harford said.

Millar shared how her profession has seen a change since the pandemic began. As a midwife, Millar has been on the front line since the beginning and shared how she appreciates the "free meals" and "8:00 PM claps," but is fearful of what will happen when essential workers aren't at the forefront in the media. She said she hopes people will continue to support the National Health Service (NHS) when the news surrounding COVID-19 lessens.Omar also appreciated how she's been treated since coronavirus hit London. Prior to the pandemic, Omar said her position wasn't something that was revered or deemed important, but she notices now how needed she and her co-workers truly are.

"We have to be here, regardless of what's happening in the world. It's more than just a job now," Omar said.

For the cover, each woman was photographed wearing their uniforms. The simple cover is vastly different from the high-end content the magazine is known for. Months after the pandemic occurred, several magazines asked its cover stars to take their own photos at home. Naomi Campbell recently graced the cover of Essence with her own photos that she creative directed and styled. Ashley Graham also enlisted the help of her husband, Justin Ervin, for help on her Harper's Bazaar UK shoot for her July 2020 cover story.