Rudy Giuliani Tells Piers Morgan ‘You F*cked Up’ In Heated Exchange, One Minute Later Denies He Used Profanity

Rudy Giuliani appears at an event.
Saul Martinez / Getty Images

Rudy Giuliani shouted “you f*cked up” at television host Piers Morgan during a heated argument on a live broadcast, then roughly one minute later denied that he had used profanity during the exchange.

The incident took place on a broadcast of ITV’s Good Morning Britain, with Giuliani appearing in an interview remotely from New York City. Morgan said that the former New York mayor had gone “completely mad” in his defense of Donald Trump, and the two got into a shouting match that included Giuliani lobbing personal insults about Morgan’s career in the United States and Morgan accusing Giuliani of being “mad.”

“Everyone in America knows you’re a failed journalist,” Giuliani said during the exchange, via The Hill. “I know what happened to your show, Piers, and I remember the mistakes you made, and I remember that you f*cked up.”

Morgan apologized to viewers for the profanity, and the shouting continued for close to a minute longer before Morgan chided Giuliani for using profanity during the live broadcast.

Giuliani challenged him, claiming that he had not used profanity.

“I didn’t use profanity,” he said. “Tell me the profanity that I used.”

Morgan had been pressing Giuliani about Trump’s controversial statements on Twitter regarding protests against the death of George Floyd, including what appeared to be a threat to open fire on looters. Trump had said in a tweet that “when the looting starts, the shooting starts,” but later said it was not meant to be a threat but rather a warning that looting would lead to more violence.

Giuliani echoed this argument, telling Morgan that it was not meant to be a threat against looters.

“It’s an accurate warning. If you continue to loot, you’re going to bring about violence!” he said.

Giuliani has been one of the president’s most fervent defenders, serving as his personal lawyer through the Russia election interference investigation and a regular spokesperson through Trump’s impeachment hearings and trial for his actions toward Ukraine. Morgan was once a close ally of Trump as well but has since become a critic.

Last month, Morgan said that Trump does not deserve reelection due to what Morgan saw as a failed response to the coronavirus. Morgan faulted Trump for what he called a failure to heed early warnings and the inability to comfort Americans affected by the virus. As Newsweek reported, Morgan said that Trump’s biggest weakness was his inability to show empathy.