June 4, 2020
'RHOA' Star Porsha Williams Speaks Out About Being Tear Gassed During Atlanta Protest

Real Housewives of Atlanta star Porsha Williams has spoken out about being tear-gassed while she peacefully protested in support of the Black Lives Matter movement in Atlanta. The reality star opened up about what happened when she showed her support on the streets in the wake of George Floyd's death. She admitted that having the gas thrown at her has not discouraged her from protesting again and will continue to fight for justice.

Porsha described the experience as being "devastating" when she spoke to People during a new interview this week. She also revealed how taking part in the part in the 'Stop Killing Us March' gave her "another lever of strength" to keep on using her voice for good.

"It was devastating to feel like I was out there trying to stand with my people, stand with our allies, and help them raise a message of hope and to be silenced and not able to breathe because of the gas bomb that was thrown."

Porsha then vowed to continue seeking justice for George, who died after a white police officer pinned him down and kneeled on his neck for more than eight minutes.

"It won't stop," she said, as she urged people to "stay focused on the cause."

She added that she and many others are still fighting to get justice for George, as the Bravo and former The New Celebrity Apprentice star also spoke to the site about the "heavy heart" she has right now as she sees the U.S. so divided. She vowed to keep going.

"I am pushing through with a heavy heart for everyone, for the people who live in this country, for my brothers and sisters. I'm searching for answers and the same unrest that's going on in our country is going on within me to find a way to be most effective in this movement for Black Lives Matter."
Porsha -- who first joined the cast of RHOA for Season 5 back in 2012 -- has utilized social media to show her support for Black Lives Matter. She shared a video from the 'Stop Killing Us March' last week that showed her running when the tear-gas was thrown. Porsha filmed the video live during the march and shared it directly to her account.

She could be seen trying to move away from where the gas was thrown as several people around her screamed. Porsha then stopped running after she was far enough away to pour water on her face to try and wash the gas out of her eyes.

Porsha has since shared other information about the protests and how people can join her in efforts to get justice for George Floyd, as well as the many others who have experienced racial injustice.