Jill Hardener Pulls Up Colorful Top & Asks Fans In They Like Her Underboob

Jill Hardener snaps a selfie.
Jill Hardener / Instagram

Jill Hardener slipped into a revealing two-piece set for an Instagram photo shared with fans yesterday. Her post included a cheeky quote that asked followers if they liked her underboob.

In the up-close and personal shot, Jill was pictured in front of a large piece of black furniture. Not much else of the space could be seen, but as indicated in the geotag, the model was in Berlin, Germany. Jill currently resides in there, as noted in her Instagram bio. She wore a colorful set that highlighted her curves to perfection and didn’t leave much to the imagination.

The upper half of her garment was vibrant and fun and boasted different panels of purple, yellow, green, pink, and blue. The clothing had black stitching with a sparkly tint, adding another fun vibe to the look. It had a slight turtle neck and long sleeves that left a good portion of her figure covered. The piece appeared to be cropped, and Jill pulled the bottom of her shirt up to where her abundant cleavage began. This move left some underboob well on display and allowed her tatted chest and abs to be seen.

Only a portion of Jill’s bottoms could be seen, so it was unclear if they were pants or shorts. The piece boasted the same vibrant pattern as her top. Its colorful waistband rested directly below her navel and drew attention to her hourglass curves. Its stretchy fabric was wrinkled in a few spots but appeared to be pretty tight. Jill limited her accessories and wore only a silver necklace though her hand covered a portion of it.

For the occasion, the model rocked long, manicured nails that had a pop of pink polish. Her beautiful blond tresses were worn slightly messy, and hair fell on both sides of her shoulders. Jill’s full lips were slightly parted, and they looked like they were painted a light pink color. The rest of her blemish-free complexion appeared to be untouched, and her eyes were not able to be seen.

Jill’s photo racked up over 91,000 like in a few short hours. Many of her followers took their admiration a step further and flooded the comments section.

“Very beautiful Underboob,” one follower wrote on the NSFW photo.

“Hi jill, this color fits you perfectly and your body is absolutely insane,” a second fan gushed.

“You have some of the best underboob in the game,” one more adoring follower complimented.

A few others couldn’t find the right words and commented with emoji instead of words.