Yuliett Torres Gets Flirty In Skimpy Lace-Up Top In New Instagram Pics

Yuliett Torres takes a selfie.
Yuliett Torres / Instagram

Yuliett Torres has been flaunting her booty and incredible physique in a variety of revealing outfits as of late on Instagram, and in her newest share from today, she rocked a skimpy top that left her cleavage on show. There were three snaps in the set, and she struck several different poses in a bedroom.

In the first picture, the sensation sat on the edge of a bed and lifted one knee into the air. She gazed into the distance and raised her left hand by her hair, pursing her lips and giving a fierce look.

Yuliett’s all-black outfit included an eye-catching top with a tie-up accent in the center. It had long sleeves, a low neckline, and a cropped cut. The fabric shone in the light and had gathered accents throughout. She also wore a black skirt or shorts — it was hard to tell thanks to the crop of the photos — and it had a high-waisted fit that hid her belly button from view.

The model wore her hair down and rocked a striking makeup application that seemed to include lark lashes, a small cat-eye, shimmery pink eyeshadow, and white highlights under her brows. She also appeared to rock lots of blush and deep red lipstick, and the latter popped in the shot alongside her matching red manicure.

In the second photo, Yuliett sat and faced the camera straight on, smiling widely. She grabbed loose string from her top in her left hand and touched her hair with her other hand.

In addition, in the final image, the stunner raised both of her hands and placed one by her shoulder and another by her ear. She gave a coy look with her lips closed.

The update is proving to be popular among her followers, and it’s received over 9,800 likes so far. The post has also racked up over 150 comments already, and the majority were from her Spanish-speaking fans.

“Simply beautiful,” gushed an admirer.

“I like you,” wrote a second fan.

“You are very cool,” declared a third devotee.

“Gorgeous,” complimented another supporter.

Yuliett is known for her sexy photos on her social media, and on May 7, put her body on show in another risqué ensemble. Instead of a revealing outfit, she opted for a lingerie set that included a purple bra and multi-colored thong bottoms with dual straps. She sat in front of a window that overlooked an urban area and arched her back slightly to emphasize her booty. She was photographed looking outside with a small smile on her face.