WWE News: Drake Maverick Officially Returns To Company Despite Losing Cruiserweight Tournament

Although Drake Maverick lost his bid for the interim WWE Cruiserweight Championship on Wednesday night's edition of NXT, that didn't mark the end of his stint with the company either. Following weeks of rumors suggesting that he might be rehired by WWE after being released due to coronavirus-related budget cuts in April, Maverick ended up signing a new contract on television, thus making his return official.

As recapped by WrestlingNews.co, this week's NXT featured the finals of the tournament for the interim Cruiserweight Championship, which pitted Maverick against El Hijo del Fantasma. As has been the case since he was entered in the tourney, Maverick's real-life release was integrated into his storyline, with the announcers describing him as a man fighting to remain employed by WWE.

Unfortunately for fans who were rooting for the underdog Maverick, the British wrestler lost to Fantasma, who pulled off the victory thanks to a group of masked men who appeared at ringside to interfere. While WWE took to Twitter to announce the ostensible "end" of Maverick's run with the promotion, WrestlingNews.co noted that Triple H walked out on stage and presented a contract to the diminutive grappler, thus allowing him to remain with the company.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, rumors of Maverick's impending WWE return heated up late last month, as it was pointed out that the company apparently took notice of the wrestler's popularity among fans, who supported him all throughout his quest to win the interim Cruiserweight title. At that time, wrestling journalist Tom Colohue explained that Maverick's case was an example of how merely supporting a wrestler through social media could lead to something bigger and potentially convince WWE to change its booking plans.

Additionally, Maverick had the support of certain colleagues, including WWE Champion Drew McIntyre, who put him over in a recent interview and described him as a talented and passionate individual who could help the promotion in numerous ways, as quoted by Cageside Seats. McIntyre also predicted that once Maverick's title chase storyline is completed, he would sign a new deal with WWE and have a "long future" with the company in onscreen and offscreen roles alike.

It's still far too early to tell whether McIntyre's prediction will ring true, but Maverick might not be the only recently released WWE superstar to make their way back to the promotion. Earlier on Wednesday, reports suggested that a number of former talents who were let go in April have been contacted by WWE for a potential return, but for a "fraction of what they were making" prior to their release.