Lea Michele Gets Called Out For Her Apology Following Accusations Of Racism From Samantha Ware

Lea Michele took to Instagram to publicly apologize for her alleged racist harassment of former Glee co-star Samantha Ware. However, her apology didn't land well with fans or other celebrities who claimed to have upsetting incidents with her, according to Too Fab. The apology came after ware accused Michele of making her life on the Glee set a "living hell." Ware also claimed that Michele made racist comments to her behind the scenes.

In the lengthy apology, which took up three slides on Instagram, Michele said that she didn't remember the incident that ware was referring to and did not mention Ware by name. Michele did apologize for any "perceived" harm she had caused to anyone she'd interacted with and promised that she would educate herself and do better in the future. Throughout the apology, she mentioned how her behavior was perceived by other people and said that it was never her intent to cause harm.

The comments section on the Instagram post was evidence that many people — including former castmates of Michele's — were not buying her apology. The top comments on the post were all people calling out Michele for what they perceived to be a non-apology.

"You don't 'remember' telling someone you would 'sh*t in their wig'?? You must have said a lot of really nasty things over the years if you don't remember that," one Instagram user commented.

Another chimed in, "Some advice, hire a new PR/crisis communications consultant and try that 'apology' again. 'I don't remember being a racist but if you perceived me to be a racist bully and were hurt, I'm sorry...oh and I'm also pregnant so please go easy on me' is not it."

"How a narcissist apologizes," another pointed out.

A few former fans relayed stories about when they'd met Michele and she was unkind to them. Actors and actresses who had worked with Michele in the past also chimed in and said they had awful experiences with her on set. The general vibe in the comments section was that Michele's apology was anything but sincere.

Though Ware did not respond directly to the apology, she posted a tweet that seemed to mock the apology.

Ware seemed to be making fun of Michele's repeated discussion in the apology of how her behaviors were perceived by others. Ware linked to a GoFundMe for the family of a young black man who was shot during a protest against police brutality, seemingly telling Michele that if she was really sorry and wanted to do better she should put her money where her mouth was.