Andrew Lloyd Webber Takes ‘School Of Rock’ To Broadway

Andrew Lloyd Webber will bring director Richard Linklater’s comedy School of Rock to Broadway.

The film starred Jack Black as a fake substitute teacher who educates students about rock music at a private school. Once he realizes his students have a plethora of musical talent, he uses them to form a band.

Andrew Lloyd Webber recently revealed that he had acquired the rights to the 2003 comedy. He hopes to transform the story into a full-blown Broadway production.

“Another thing that I’ve just got the rights to that I am very excited about but will obviously not be — there may be songs for me in it, but it’s obviously got songs in it as it stands — is that movie ‘School of Rock,'” he explained during an interview with CBC.

Webber added, “So, I will go from ‘Stephen Ward,’ which is really going to be sort of a chamber musical, to a musical about kids playing the guitar!”

Although acquiring the rights to some of the iconic songs used in the movie may prove to be difficult and costly, it would seem that Andrew Lloyd Webber is up to the task. Should any of the artists not approve their songs for the show, the composer would likely write his own.

School of Rock star Jack Black stated that a sequel to Linklater’s film was in the works back in 2008. However, little information about the follow-up was released to the public. He revealed during an interview last year that the sequel probably wasn’t going to happen.

“I wouldn’t want to do it without the original writer and director, and we never all got together and saw eye-to-eye on what the script would be. It was not meant to be, unfortunately. But never say never,” Black explained. The actor said he and Richard Linklater simply didn’t see eye-to-eye.

It’s currently unknown when Webber’s production of the story will premiere.

Are you a fan of School of Rock? What do you think about Andrew Lloyd Webber putting together a Broadway version of the comedy?