Lyna Perez Showcases Her Sultry Moves & Rides An ATV In New TikTok Video

Lyna Perez snaps a selfie
Lyna Perez / Instagram

Social media influencer and model Lyna Perez caused a stir on TikTok on Wednesday afternoon when she teased her sultry curves in a new video. The post featured the model entering the frame while riding a Venom Motorsports ATV and then she did a bit of dancing to flaunt her incredible figure.

Lyna utilized a portion of the song “Coño” to set the stage for this new TikTok post. In her brief caption, she said hi to the babes following her and seemingly urged them to repeat the line of the song back to her that she lip-synced.

The clip started with the video camera facing an empty spot, and soon, Lyna came riding in on the ATV. She was smiling and looking over her shoulder toward the camera with a flirty expression on her face, her back arched slightly to enhance her curvy backside.

The model’s long, dark hair was styled in loose waves that cascaded down her back. She wore grey leggings and a striped tube top and appeared to be wearing ankle socks with no shoes.

After stopping the ATV, Lyna climbed down and immediately started to dance. The leggings hugged her curvy hips and the waistband rested just below her navel. Her taut tummy was on full display with the bottom of the tube top sitting just below her plump breasts.


Lyna mouthed the lyrics to the song as she gyrated her hips. She did a few arm movements from the TikTok dance for the song and tousled her hair just before the clip ended.

The brunette bombshell has 1.2 million followers on TikTok and they did not hesitate to embrace this new video. Within just a few hours, it had already been viewed nearly 73,000 times.

The clip also received almost 15,000 likes during those first few hours and more than 600 people commented on it.

“I love you so much. You are the definition of beauty,” one of Lyna’s followers wrote.

“I love your smile,” a fan shared.

“Hey! You look like a queen!” another follower declared.

“Looks so cute young lady!” someone else noted.

Some of Lyna’s fans noted that she had seemingly been away from TikTok for a bit. However, she promised people she would be posting daily again. It appears that she has continued to share sexy photos regularly on her Instagram page though.

Almost all of the feedback on this new TikTok of Lyna’s was positive, so it seems likely that she’ll follow through on her promise to go back to sharing fresh content on a more regular basis. In fact, she noted in some comments that she works with a trainer several times a week and said she might go live to showcase her fitness routine. By the looks of things, fans are all for that plan.