WWE News: Hall Of Famer Posts Racially Insensitive Tweets, Offers People Of Color A Discount To Her OnlyFans

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As documented by Essentially Sports, former WWE superstar Tammy Lynn Sytch — who most fans remember as Sunny — stirred controversy on social media yesterday after posting a series of offensive posts on Twitter. After coming out in support of Donald Trump’s decision to use the National Guard against protesters — who she described as “animals” — she went on to post what were described as racist tweets.

The Hall of Famer has since denied claims that she’s racist and teased a discount for people of color who subscribe to her OnlyFans page. As noted by Ringside News, Sytch took to Twitter earlier to encourage her followers to sign up and watch her activities on the video platform. She capped off the tweet by saying that she might offer the discount, though it’s highly possible that she was making light of her recent controversy as her statement also included some laughing emoji.

Sytch defended her original tweet by claiming that she never mentioned the ethnicity of the looters and protesters who she was criticizing. According to her, the sentiment applied to those who were rioting and destroying businesses. She also called out those who think it’s okay for innocent people to be attacked by the rioters without receiving any punishment.

However, after receiving some backlash and accusations of racism from her followers, Sytch seemingly chose to provoke her accusers even more. She noted how it was black people who interpreted her tweets as racist, adding that they must have a “guilty conscience.” She also claimed that they were essentially calling themselves “animals,” following up this comment with laughing emoji.

In her other tweets — some of which have been deleted — she posted a censored racial slur and made a “White Power” comment. The former WWE superstar hasn’t apologized for any of her remarks at the time of this writing and appears to be sticking to the opinion that she wasn’t in the wrong.

Some followers also called Sytch out on her hypocrisy, as she’s had her own troubles with the law in the past. She was released from prison earlier this year following a history of DUI arrests and violating her parole. While her alleged crimes were quite different from the looting and riots, her critics pointed out how driving while under the influence also posed a risk to public safety.

It remains to be seen if WWE will remove Sytch from the Hall of Fame. Hulk Hogan was temporarily removed following his recorded racist outburst in 2015, and Sytch’s comments are bound to bring a similar kind of negative publicity to the company, even though she’s only made sporadic appearances since leaving in 1998.