Bynes Booted From Gymnastics Class

Amanda Bynes was allegedly booted from a gymnastics class in New York City over the weekend. The actress, clad in fishnet stockings and a wig, was reportedly kicked to the curb after disturbing staff and patrons by engaging in a series of bizarre antics, which she later denied.

Amanda Bynes and erratic behavior seem to go hand in hand these days. A string of legal troubles, a drastic makeover, and a recent eating disorder admission have all become fodder for media headlines. Many fear that the 27-year-old is caught in a downward spiral, with no positive end in sight.

The latest incident to cause public scrutiny allegedly occurred this weekend while Bynes was participating in a gymnastics class. According to witnesses, the actress was behaving oddly from the moment she arrived.

“She immediately started acting strangely.” an anonymous source explained to The New York Post. “She lined up with the other gymnasts, and each took their turn to perform a roll. But Amanda just walked out on the mat, was spinning around in circles and mumbling to herself.”

According to the source, Bynes continued to shock and concern staff and fellow athletes at the Chelsea Piers Adult Gymnastics. During one part of the class, the actress reportedly sat on the floor and wept after her wig fell off during a cartwheel.

When the former child star showed no signs of reining in her bizarre behavior, she was allegedly asked to leave the premises by staff members. It was apparently Bynes’s second visit to the gymnastics class in roughly a month.

In 2012, Bynes was reportedly involved in a similar incident at a gym in West Hollywood. During a spinning class, she allegedly raised eyebrows by applying makeup mid-session, wandering about the room, and partially disrobing. She was eventually kicked out by employees.

In February, Bynes confessed her desire to drop her weight to an alarming 100 pounds during an interview with US Weekly. “I moved to New York City, and I love it! I lost four pounds since I moved,” the troubled star gushed. “I’m 121 pounds — my goal is 100 pounds.”

The actress has continued to reveal personal thoughts on her body image, most recently through her Twitter account. “I’m suing certain blogs and magazines saying I have a mental illness!” the seemingly unstable actress tweeted last week. “They take pictures anytime I’ve gained weight then write a fake story.”

A short time later she tweeted about the subject again, this time writing, “I have an eating disorder so I have a hard time staying thin.”

I have an eating disorder so I have a hard time staying thin.

— Amanda Bynes (@AmandaBynes) April 5, 2013

Bynes took to Twitter again today, disputing her alleged ejection from the gymnastics class over the weekend. She claims the stories are untrue and is threatening to bring legal action against sources that write about the alleged incident.

I’m suing every blog saying I was kicked out of gymnastics. What is wrong w/ u people? What would u do if u found fake stories about u?

— Amanda Bynes (@AmandaBynes) April 8, 2013

Do you think that Amanda Bynes is a victim of the media? Would you be surprised if Bynes was booted from a gymnastics class because of bizarre behavior?

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