Nick Cordero Gets ‘Slightly Better Every Day’ His Wife Amanda Kloots Shares

Amanda Kloots and Nick Cordero attend a launch event.
Noam Galai / Getty Images for Beyond Yoga

Nick Cordero’s coronavirus battle has gone on for more than two months and he still is not out of the woods. A new Instagram post from his wife Amanda Kloots on Wednesday shared some details about where things stand for him in this difficult battle.

The actor and singer remains in the ICU more than two months after he was initially hospitalized. Nick has suffered a number of intense complications from COVID-19 and the past couple of weeks have seemed especially trying for Amanda and his other loved ones.

A recent update from her suggested that doctors have essentially done everything they can for Nick and now it’s just a waiting game to see if he can beat the disease. In her Wednesday post, she shared a bit more about what that meant.

The new post included an adorable photo of Nick holding their son, Elvis. In her caption, Amanda acknowledged she had been told more than once that she should say goodbye to Nick and that he wouldn’t make it. She noted multiple times that they need a miracle at this point and insisted she had faith that her husband would recover.

Amanda speaks often about her faith and her most recent post was no exception. She said that despite the odds against him, Nick has been making slight improvements every day. She still has hope, she said, and she explained that she believes when there is hope there is room for miracles.

Just a few weeks ago, Amanda was thrilled to be able to tell people that her husband had woken up. He was very weak and tired at that point, but him being out of his coma was huge news. Soon after that, however, things took a turn for the worse and every update since then has suggested that forward progress has come in slow, tiny steps.

It seems that this is the first time Amanda has told her followers outright that she’s been informed Nick wouldn’t make it and that she needed to say goodbye. Some recent updates showed her understandably feeling quite emotional and she noted she may not get the miracle she’s been asking for in the way she wanted it.

Even when things have looked dire for Nick, Amanda has remained determined and insistent that his story wouldn’t end this way. It’s certainly good news that the actor is making some forward progress, even if it is coming in very small increments.

Amanda has kept her fans updated throughout this difficult journey and it’s clear that she’s not giving up. It also is quite clear that her followers will keep up their prayers and support as Nick’s battle continues.