Will Of Carole Baskin’s Missing Husband Confirmed As A Forgery, Local Sheriff Details

Carole Baskin is filmed for 'Tiger King'

During the Netflix original series Tiger King, there was some coverage of the idea that the will of Carole Baskin’s missing and presumed dead husband may have been forged. Now, the local sheriff who has been working on the case says that they have been able to confirm that the signature on Don Lewis’ will was forged.

As was shared in Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness, Lewis went missing in 1997. Baskin was married to him at the time, and rumors have swirled for decades that she may have been responsible for his death.

Lewis’ ex-wife and children shared during the series that they have always been suspicious of Baskin, and they noted the possibility that the will may have been forged.

Recently, a couple of handwriting experts said that they believed Lewis’ signature on the will and power of attorney documentation may have been forged. Now, WTSP has shared an interview with the local sheriff revealing that authorities already determined that this is the case.

Hillsborough County Sheriff Chad Chronister has been actively working the case again in recent months. He asked the public to report any information they may have on Lewis’ 1997 disappearance, believing that the interest generated by Tiger King may prompt some new information to emerge.

Chronister noted that the recent revelation from the handwriting experts confirmed what they already knew. The sheriff said that they had determined that the signature was a forgery a few months ago, but it seems that this confirmation came as a surprise to the interviewer.

The sheriff explained that they already knew this after talking to the woman who supposedly witnessed the initial signing. She came forward and shared with authorities that she had been forced to say she had been a witness when in reality, she had not.

He went on to explain that the problem was that the statute of limitations had already expired and the will had already been executed. As a result, there were no criminal charges that could be pursued on this front.

At the same time, Chronister acknowledged, knowing the signature was forged did cast another shadow of suspicion, seemingly referring to Baskin.

Aside from this, Chronister said there have not been any significant new developments in the past couple of months. He said authorities have received some additional information that they didn’t have in the file previously and that he hoped they can eventually solve this mystery.

For now, however, the sheriff didn’t seem ready to say anything further about whether they now considered Baskin to be a suspect in her husband’s disappearance and presumed death.