Stauffer Family Being Investigated By Local Authorities Over Whereabouts Of Adopted Son

Authorities are investigating the Stauffer family after the parents admitted to "rehoming" their adopted son, Huxley. Parents, James and Myka Stauffer, said in a video published to their YouTube channel on May 26 that they had placed 4-year-old Huxley with another family.

Now, the Delaware County Sheriff's Office is looking into the case further after questions were raised over Huxley's current living situation. According to Buzzfeed News, the local authorities are working with "several other agencies" to investigate more closely.

The Sheriff's Office told the publication that they are aware of the case, which hit viral status after the couple shared the news on their social platforms. According to Tracy Whited, the Sheriff's Office community and media relations manager who spoke with the news publication, they are actively investigating the case in hopes of gaining more information on where Huxley is living. However, the spokesperson added that due to the ongoing situation, they are not able to "divulge too much information."

Since the Stauffer family went public with their decision to place their adopted son, whom they adopted from China in 2017, with another family, it has been unclear exactly how the family went about "rehoming" their son.

A spokesperson for the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services spoke with BuzzFeed News and referred them to Val Turner, the spokesperson for Franklin County Children Service, when they were asked if Huxley was in the custody of Ohio state, referencing the foster care system. At that time, the publication was told by both organizations that Huxley is not in their care.

Turner said that since the Stauffer family adopted Huxley through international adoption, they were not involved in his original adoption nor his "rehoming." The spokesperson continued to say that "it appears" the family had "made arrangements" on their own with an individual family or person instead of going through an agency in finding a new living situation for Huxley.

Susan Soonkeum Cox, the vice president for policy and external affairs for Holt International Children's Services, told BuzzFeed News that the way the Stauffer family went about finding a new home for Huxley was "unusual" and cited that there seem to be more questions about his safety than answers in this situation.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, both Myka and James claimed Huxley wanted to be "rehomed" and that he was involved in the decision. The parents further explained that he is living now with his "forever family," and he is happy and thriving. However, the family didn't offer any further details at that time on where he is living or if they're still in contact with Huxley, citing privacy concerns.