Instagram Model Natalie Gibson Shows Off Her Sculpted Booty After At-Home Workout

Instagram model Natalie Gibson flaunted her athletic figure in a short clip after a workout in her garage. She wore skintight leggings that hugged her curves for the selfie upload and asked fans what type of content they wanted to see next.

The fitness model -- who is also a young mother -- has not let the coronavirus quarantine get in the way of staying in shape and showed off some of her progress in her latest video update. Gibson filmed herself in the mirror of a garage that had exercise equipment strewn about. On the mirror, instructions for the day's workout, which included lunges and leg raises, were written in marker.

Gibson wore her long brown hair down and posed in front of a barbell. Her boyfriend could be seen in the background sitting on a workout bench just in front of the opened garage door with his hair up in a bun. The 22-year-old had her back to the mirror and turned her body to showcase her incredible physique. She wore a pair of army green leggings that wrapped around her tiny waist and curvaceous backside, along with a plain black t-shirt.

Gibson held the phone in her left hand, and with her right hand she pulled up her tee just above her midsection. This offered fans a clear view of her sculpted booty and flat stomach. The fitness model swiveled her hips from side-to-side to fully showcase her impressive frame. Meanwhile, her boyfriend simply wiped the sweat off his face as he waited to perform the next exercise. In her caption, Gibson boasted about her "gains" and asked if fans wanted workout tips.

This booty-centric post caught the attention of her 757,000 Instagram followers, and more than 32,000 showed their appreciation by pressing the "like" button in just over 17 hours after the clip went live. Gibson received nearly 500 comments in short order. One female Instagram user joked that the model's "buns" were better than her boyfriend's hair bun. Her replies were swarmed with heart-eye emoji and multiple followers asked for at-home workout instructions.

"Can you make a video on home workout? How did you get small waist?" one fan asked.

"How do you get it? Can you give me some series of exercises?" another wrote while adding two heart-eye emoji.

"Look at your man behind he is literally crying he still can't believe that you have some real booty gains," one follower joked.

Not everybody seemed happy to see Gibson's boyfriend in the video.

"Who's the dude that looks like Pebbles Flintstone?" a fan wrote.