Designer Virgil Abloh Responds After Facing Criticism For Donating $50 To Protesters Who Need Bail Money

Virgil Abloh recently came under fire after posting his latest donation on Instagram.

The Off-White designer took to his social media accounts over the weekend to share his opinions on the protests that are happening all over the country. Following the death of George Floyd, more and more protests have occurred and have landed several people on the front line in jail.

Upon seeing the news of the protests, Abloh revealed a donation he made to help those who may need bail money if they get arrested. He took a screenshot of his contribution to the (F)EMPOWER Community Bond Fund and posted it on his Instagram page on Sunday. The screenshot suggested he sent $50 to the organization. Additionally, Abloh posted another video of fellow designer Sean Wotherspoon's store. On Saturday, Wotherspoon's store was looted, and thousands of dollars worth of merchandise was stolen. Abloh shared how "disgusted" he was by the event.

After seeing both of Abloh's post, many social media users criticized his donation and the comments he made about the looting. While some recognized that Abloh could donate whatever he wanted, several commenters pointed out that Abloh is the owner of a luxury fashion brand. Abloh has also served as the artistic director for Louis Vuitton's menswear collection since March 2018. Many addressed the prices for the designer's pieces as well as his reported earnings through the years.

Us Weekly reported that Abloh decided to respond to the comments. He released a seven-page statement on both Instagram and Twitter. In his response, he explained that his statements about the looting weren't intended to distract his followers from the protests. He also clarified that he did donate more to the cause, and the $50 donation screenshot was something he had joined with several other donors.

"[I] donated $20,500 to bail funds and other causes related to the movement," Abloh wrote. "I will continue to donate more and will continue to use my voice to urge peers to do the same. I was on the fence about publicizing total dollar amounts because I didn't want to look like I'm glorifying only higher amounts or that I want to be applauded for it. If you know me, you know that's not me."

Following his statement, Abloh also wrote that he plans to utilize his time and wealth in other ways to help the community. One of his contributions will be to design and sell several pieces from his collection. He said all of the proceeds from the items will be distributed across multiple bail funds.

Abloh is mostly known for his high-end streetwear designs. He started Off-White in 2012 but has worked for several brands and designers in between. The Illinois native has collaborated with Gucci, McDonald's, and, most notably, Kanye West's line, Yeezy.