Parents Of 20-Year-Old Accused Of Starting Pittsburgh Riot Filmed Escorting Him Into Police Headquarters

Anti G-20 Summit protestors link arms in front of riot police during an unpermitted protest
Chris Hondros / Getty Images

A Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, native believed to be responsible for lighting a police cruiser on fire was seen walking into police headquarters to turn himself in Monday with what is believed to be his parents in tow.

Pittsburgh’s KDKA 2 reported that 20-year-old Brian Bartels was identified by police as a person of interest for inciting violence and riots in Pittsburgh on Saturday.

Bartels is now in custody and facing charges of vandalism, rioting, and reckless endangerment. Police believe the young man is responsible for breaking the windows out of a Pittsburgh police car while peaceful protesters attempted to keep the situation non-violent.

Protests spread to Pittsburgh, as with most major cities, as demonstrations of disillusionment with police treatment of George Floyd, who died while in custody just over a week ago.

Action News 4 reported on Saturday that most protesters gathered in Pittsburgh’s heart were peacefully demonstrating until the police cruiser was “overtaken and destroyed.”

KDKA reported that police and local FBI agents served a warrant on Bartels’ home Sunday and found evidence that the suspect was guilty, including guns, spray paint, and gloves. Additionally, law enforcement found clothing matching what the perpetrator was seen wearing when the crime was committed.

Local police received a call from Bartels’ attorney earlier in the day, saying that the demonstrator would be willing to turn himself in to authorities.

Journalist Jason Howerton commented on the linked video, calling it the “absolute greatest thing” he had seen on the internet Monday.

One protester filmed the police car being vandalized in a video that was uploaded to Twitter, saying that “it’s not black people” who were inciting violence during the protest, catching the perpetrator’s masked face on camera.

A warrant for Bartels’ arrest was issued on Sunday, due in part to the footage captured by peaceful protesters who called him out.

The Inquisitr previously reported that Pittsburgh is far from the hardest-hit city, with New York and St. Louis being the most recent victims of rampant looting and vandalism.

Washington D.C. felt an aggressive wave of protest just days ago lighting trees on fire just outside of the White House and even attacking some journalists.

As in other cities, New York has seen peaceful protests during daylight hours turn into violent riots after dark. Police have called in reinforcements from outlying cities, as well as the National Guard in some cases, hoping to retain order in what has become ever-increasing chaos.