Hannah Ferrier Quitting ‘Below Deck Mediterranean’ After This Season

Hannah Ferrier of Below Deck Mediterranean
Karolina Wojtasik / Bravo

Below Deck Mediterranean chief stewardess Hannah Ferrier has decided that this season of the hit reality show will most likely be her last. The blond Australian discussed her decision as well as her future in an interview with ET on Monday.

When asked how many more years viewers would see her on Below Deck Mediterranean, Hannah hesitated but then answered directly.

“I think I’m probably done.”

The chief stewardess told the outlet that she had decided to quit before the start of the current season. Whether viewers will see it all play out on the show, even Hannah didn’t know. It is a “different” season, the star admitted.

This statement comes on the heels of Season 4 of the yachting reality show where Hannah’s boss, Captain Sandy Yawn, questioned the chief stewardess’ passion. Hannah talked about this in the interview. She confessed that she wasn’t passionate about “boats and machines and anchor watches” or “table decor.” However, she was excited about whether “the guests have a good time.”

Before Season 5 filmed, Hannah and Captain Sandy hit the “reset button” on their relationship. Although it wasn’t always smooth sailing between the two, the chief stewardess attempted to have a “healthy work relationship” with the captain. Hannah acknowledged that her working style didn’t mesh well with that of her boss.

Captain Sandy “responds very well” when people “kiss a**,” Hannah told ET. Unfortunately, Hannah doesn’t always work that way, and she’s “not good” at just people-pleasing. The chief stewardess confessed that she does “say no” to her boss on occasion, and that does not go down very well.

As for the timing of Hannah’s decision, she said that now seemed right.

“I don’t want to get to the stage where I’m locked into yachting and there’s nothing else in my life except that.”

Hannah was looking forward to her life on land for once. The reality star enjoys spending time with her boyfriend and dogs. She told the outlet that she had hoped to find work in Sydney, where she is currently living, and eventually settle down and even start a family. The star mentioned the desire to have “a rugrat or two.”

The identity of Hannah’s boyfriend is unknown. The couple has been together since 2018, according to Bravo. They celebrated their first anniversary on October 24 at a hotel in Australia.

Season 5 of Below Deck Mediterranean premiered on Bravo June 1. Hannah was back as chief stewardess along with Captain Sandy and Malia White as bosun.