June 2, 2020
'Fuller House' Explains Lori Loughlin's Absence In Finale Episodes With Single Aunt Becky Mention

Spoiler alert: This article contains minor spoilers for the final episodes of Fuller House.

Fuller House has explained Lori Loughlin's absence from the back half of the show's final season. As the final nine episodes of the Netflix comedy were released on June 2, fans found out why Loughlin's Aunt Becky character was nowhere in sight as her nieces planned a major family event.

In Season 5's 15th episode "Be Yourself, Free Yourself," Aunt Becky was mentioned once as Uncle Jesse (John Stamos) dealt with a problem related to the couple's young daughter, Pamela. When Jesse tried to find out who bit Pamela at school, DJ (Candace Cameron Bure) asked him if he should run his plan by Aunt Becky, per screenshots posted by Business Insider.

"Aunt Becky is in Nebraska helping out her mother," Stamos' character said. "I don't want to bother her with a tiny little thing like this."

DJ then noted that Aunt Becky would tell Jesse not to meddle.

Loughlin's character was not mentioned again in the final Fuller House episodes, and her absence at DJ's triple wedding alongside fellow brides Stephanie (Jodie Sweetin) and Kimmy (Andrea Barer) was not explained. It is presumed Becky is still in Nebraska helping out her mom with a mystery problem as the supersized family wedding takes place.

The anticlimactic ending for Aunt Becky — who first turned up as Becky Donaldson on the original Full House series on ABC in 1988 and quickly became one of the most beloved characters on the series — comes amid Loughlin's real-life legal troubles in the college admissions scandal. The actress is facing jail time after pleading guilty to one count of conspiracy to commit wire and mail fraud.

While Aunt Becky is barely mentioned in the final episodes of Fuller House, fans may recognize some other familiar faces in the series finale titled "Our Very last Show, Again." In an interview with TV Insider, Candace Cameron Bure said there are a lot of details that fans of the original Full House series will recognize.

"The last episode really is special as is the wedding itself," Candace said. "There was so much attention to detail. We do that for every episode, but particularly the triple wedding. There is lots of guest casts that will surprise the fans. Look out because there are tons of Easter eggs out there, especially if you were a fan of Full House. There are a lot of callbacks to the original that you're going to see."