June 4, 2020
Suzy Cortez Shows Off Cleavage In Latest Instagram Selfie

Instagram model Suzy Cortez wowed her 2.2 million followers with her recent selfie in which she wore a white tank top that had her cleavage on display.

In the image, Suzy's long dark locks were straightened and her hair tumbled over one shoulder. She posed with one arm out to take the selfie, while her other hand was positioned at the side of her face as a perfectly manicured fingernail touched her cheek, which was highlighted by the sunshine streaming in.

The Instagram sensation chose to wear smoky shades of eyeshadow and what appeared to be black mascara and false eyelashes to show off her gorgeous green eyes. Plenty of dark eyeliner also featured on top of her lids. Her cheeks were highlighted with blusher and she seemed to be wearing a pale shade of pink lipstick as she pouted for the picture with her mouth slightly open.

Suzy wore a white tank top with shoestring straps. It pulled tight across her ample chest, so her cleavage, which was possibly enhanced by means of a push-up bra, was on display. Her tattoos could also be seen on each of her toned upper arms.

She did not appear to be wearing any jewelry in the shot. However, none was needed to complete the stunning look.

In the background of the picture, a beige-toned cabinet could be seen as well as a container on a shelf as sunlight also highlighted this part of the room. To the left, a doorway to another room was visible.

Once Suzy posted the image, her followers were quick to respond. Within two hours, the image had gathered nearly 8,000 likes and plenty of comments from her adoring fans.

Many of her fans simply stated that Suzy was "Hermosa,' which translates to "beautiful" in Spanish.

"Damn!!" one follower wrote in the comments section.

"Gorgeous and stunning," a fan said.

"Lovely beautiful," said yet another.

"Love you mam," a fourth person wrote, also using a heart emoji for further emphasis.

In fact, the vast majority of her followers simply used emoji in order to convey how they felt about the image. The most popular were the fire, heart, and heart-eyes emoji. Sometimes, admirers would string long lines of various emoji together in order to visually capture their thoughts regarding Suzy's snap.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Suzy recently delighted her admirers by posting an image of herself wearing little more than gold body paint as she stood in the sand during a photoshoot.