June 1, 2020
Nata Lee Flaunts Fantastic Cleavage In White Bikini Top

Nata Lee tantalized her Instagram followers today with a new share of herself in an eye-catching outfit that included a tiny white bikini top. She was captured mid-stride in what looked like a long driveway, and her incredible cleavage was hard to miss.

Nata stood facing the camera and raised her left hand in the air and held a lit cigarette. She also carried a pizza box and gave off an edgy and flirty vibe.

Her bikini top hugged the sides of her chest and left her curves on show, and she crossed the ties below her neck for a halter-style look. The light tone contrasted well against her tanned figure, and she also rocked a pair of high-waisted denim jeans with a waistline that rested right at her belly button. The pants hugged her tightly, and her curvy hips and thigh gap were visible.

Nata wore her hair down in a casual side part with voluminous, soft waves. Her makeup application was hard to discern, thanks to her choice to wear a pair of dark sunglasses, but she appeared to be sporting light pink lipstick. Other than the shades, however, she kept it simple in the accessories department and didn't wear any jewelry.

Behind her was a driveway that had manicured hedges along one side. A white car peeked through in the corner of the frame. The photo was likely taken on a cloudy day as there was no sunlight to be seen.

The post has garnered over 56,400 likes so far. The model's followers also packed the comments section with a variety of reactions.

"With your body I cannot believe that you eat pizzas...," wrote a supporter.

"Wowwwwww. This is a Perfect Picture...and a Perfect Woman," gushed a second person.

Others were distracted by Nata's cigarette and made their displeasures known.

"Smoking just made this picture unattractive," complained a social media user in a message that has received over 120 likes.

"Noooooooo cigggggggggg but you are the best girl on Instagram," expressed a fourth follower.

In addition, Nata posted another sizzling update a few days ago, that time sharing a video of herself in a blue dress. She sat on the edge of a glass coffee table and moved her legs around in a flirty manner as she smiled widely. Her dress was navy blue with white polka dots, and its plunging neckline allowed her to show off her chest, with her black bra peeking through. She also wore her hair down in waves.