June 1, 2020
Bulgarian Fitness Model Yanita Yancheva Showcases Her Acro Yoga Skills In Photo With Her Husband

Yanita Yancheva shared a stunning photo of herself doing acro yoga with her husband with her 1.6 million Instagram fans on Monday, June 1, and they are loving it.

The photos captured the Bulgarian fitness model balancing on the soles of the feet of Tavi Castro, an athlete and bodybuilder, for an acro yoga pose, a physical practice that combines yoga and acrobatics that is performed by a minimum of two people in which at least one is lifted.

He lay on his back on a bed with both legs straight up in the air. His feet were right over Yancheva's glutes and low back, causing her spine to arch considerably for a beautiful backbend. Yancheva had the front leg stretched out front and the back one bent. Both of her arms were stretched back, completing the pose's circular motion. The camera was positioned at the foot of the bed, capturing the couple in profile. In addition, Yancheva opted to post the photo sideways to show a unique angle.

Yancheva wore a white underwear set. On her lower body, she had on a pair of bottoms with a waistband rested high on her frame. The garment had high-cut legs, which showcased her strong hips. She paired it with a matching bra with thin straps. Yancheva wore her blond hair loose, allowing it to fall in the direction of Castro's face.

Contrastingly, Castro wore just a pair of black shorts, exposing his massive legs and arms. Also on display was a large tattoo he has on his forearm.

The photo proved to be popular with Yancheva's fans. It garnered more than 47,100 likes and over 250 comments as Instagram users took to the comments section to share their opinion about acro yoga and to rave about Yancheva's beauty.

"[B]est couple ever!" one of her fans wrote.

"That is one sexy shot," replied another user.

"Acroyoga passionate stretching," a third one chimed in.

"This is so awesome. Unfortunately my bae and I are not nearly this coordinated and we would end up getting hurt doing this lol," added a fourth admirer.

Yancheva recently posted a photo of herself in a workout set that showed off her fit body, as The Inquisitr has previously written. She posed in what appeared to be a fitness center as she straddled a bench and arched her back. She also rested her arms on a barbell. Yancheva sported an activewear set that featured a black-and-gray sports bra and matching high-waisted leggings with mesh paneling. She finished off the look with ankle socks, and tennis shoes.