Instagram Golf Hottie Lucy Robson Bares Cleavage In Tight-Fitting Dress

Lucy Robson posts a selfie on Instagram
Lucy Robson / Instagram

Instagram model Lucy Robson showed off some cleavage in her latest Instagram post. She wore a tight-fitting black dress that put her curvy figure on display and asked her followers which dream golf scenario they would prefer.

The 25-year-old originally made a name for herself as a golfer – and has parlayed that exposure into a successful modeling career – and had a hypothetical question for her fans. In the caption of her post, she wanted to know if golf enthusiasts would prefer to win a single Masters tournament, two U.S. Open championships, or three PGA Championships.

This hypothetical engaged fans on the social media platform, but it was the spicy photo that caught their attention. Robson was photographed sitting down and looked straight into the camera. She had her long blond hair down and it cascaded over her shoulders. The golfer leaned on her right side and supported her weight with her right arm, while the left arm rested on her thigh. She appeared to wear light-red lipstick with a small amount of blush on her cheeks and had a come-hither look across her gorgeous face.

Robson wore a tight black dress from Fashion Nova that had buttons running down the middle the full-length of the piece. The dress, coupled with her pose, helped accentuate her hourglass physique. Thick straps wrapped around her neck, and fans were treated to a glimpse of her exposed ample cleavage. The British golf pro wore a diamond penchant with a thin chain which hung near her clavicle.

Many of the model’s 822,000 Instagram followers flocked to the spicy, yet simple pic, and over 45,000 of them showed their appreciation by hammering the “like” button. She received over 880 responses in her comment section as fans answered the hypothetical golf championship question, and showered her with praise. Fellow female golfer, Katie Kearney, left five heart-eye emoji, as Robson’s replies were swarmed with heart emoji.

“I think I’d rather win the Masters out of the 3 but would prefer The Open,” a golf fan wrote.

“The 2 US Open for sure. The 1 Masters would be nice but winning 2 majors I will qualify for golf hall of fame. Need at least two major wins for that or 1 major and players win,” one follower replied.

“The most gorgeous golfer I’ve ever seen. Masters,” another added.

“Ur eyebrow game inspires me daily thank u for being u,” an appreciative fan wrote.

As covered by The Inquisitr, Robson looked stunning in a raspberry-colored tight top and small white golf skirt in a snap uploaded last month. That image garnered more than 125,000 likes.