Niece Waidhofer Rocks Tight Black Pants & Torn Cropped Top, Defends Herself Against Her Haters

Niece Waidhofer takes a selfie
Niece Waidhofer / Instagram

On Monday afternoon, Niece Waidhofer shared a provocative pic with her 1.9 million Instagram followers, one that showed the model wearing a torn crop top and tight black pants. She shared a lengthy caption defending herself from her haters after she received some backlash for her statement on the Black Lives Matter movement.

In the pic, Niece sank to her knees on the floor in front of a mirror. She wore a tattered white tank top that looked as if it had been ripped apart to make it smaller. She paired her shirt with black jeans that hugged her rear and accentuated her curves, particularly from her kneeling position. Her geotag indicated that the snap was taken in Houston, Texas, likely at her home.

The model snapped the sultry image with her smartphone, keeping her gaze down at her screen to ensure she got the perfect angle. Niece kept one hand relaxed on her bent leg while slightly arching her back. Her toned midriff was on display, and the silhouette of her chest was visible beneath her scandalous top.

Niece pulled her hair into a low ponytail, allowing a few tendrils to remain loose and frame her face, which she glamorized with makeup. The 29-year-old appeared to be wearing her customary smoky eyeshadow and pink lipstick. As a finishing touch, it looked like she had carefully sculpted her eyebrows, too.

In her caption, Niece discussed the statement she made yesterday and the apparent criticism and hate she received because of it.

She created a “short FAQ” about it, demanding that anyone who felt it appropriate to attack the Black Lives Matter movement to unfollow her.

“I will ask less politely: your arguments trying to justify injustice are unwelcome here. LEAVE. UNFOLLOW.⁣”

She then explained why she was choosing not to block the “racist commenters,” saying that they were “evidence of how very widespread this bigoted, ignorant way of thinking is.”

According to Niece, those “racist-in-denial” commenters were “proving” her point for her.

She also slammed the users who supposedly told her to keep posting sexy pictures instead of getting involved in politics.

“Let me be very clear: THIS IS EVERYBODY’S LANE. I assure you my ‘career’ had NOTHING to gain financially from ‘bandwagoning’ onto this movement and alienating my bigoted followers.”

She then apologized for waiting so long to make a statement at all.

Niece’s latest pic generated a lot of chatter from her many followers. Over 22,500 people liked her image within the first hour of it going live, and more than 400 people commented.