June 1, 2020
Julianne Hough & Brooks Laich Reportedly 'Just Didn't See Eye To Eye' On Marriage

Julianne Hough and Brooks Laich formally announced their separation last week, and now, some additional tidbits about what went wrong have emerged. Insiders suggest that ultimately, Julianne and Brooks had different visions for what they wanted the marriage to be and they finally came to a place where they knew it was time to officially separate.

Fans of Brooks and Julianne had been speculating about the state of the couple's marriage for months now. Around the holidays, she started to be spotted without her wedding ring, and the two spent months almost always in separate places.

Brooks and Julianne resisted saying anything specific about their status, despite all of the curious fans who were asking and speculating about it. Finally, last week, they announced what many had already suspected, which was that they were separated.

Sources told ET Online that the two truly were in love when they got married nearly three years ago. However, their viewpoints had shifted since then and they were no longer on the same page.

"They truly had a loving, romantic relationship, a fairy-tale wedding and believed they would spend the rest of their lives together but within two years, their views of marriage differed tremendously," an insider said.

Insiders say that it took the couple a while to figure out the right time to announce their split and to come to terms with their marriage being over.

"They have been happier apart than together and realized they had no choice but to go their separate ways. Despite truly loving each other, they just didn't see eye to eye," a source revealed.

There had been signs that Julianne and Brooks remained at least friendly with one another, at least on social media, even if they were not together romantically. Even if they had managed to remain friendly, sources say that what they each envisioned for their lives going forward simply were not compatible with one another.

"Brooks loves his outdoor life in Idaho, wanted a more traditional marriage and to start a family. Julianne wanted a less traditional marriage, to focus on her career and loves her city life and Hollywood existence," an insider explained.

At least at this point, it doesn't appear that either Julianne or Brooks has any intention of airing any dirty laundry about one another or their split. Both seem to be continuing to do what they have already been doing for the past few months, which is to tackle their lives separately and pursue their own versions of happiness.