Bethany Lily April Shows Off Some Cleavage In Bed: ‘We Could Nap Together’

The model posed in bed in a patterned top.

Bethany Lily April poses for a selfie outside.
Bethany Lily April / Instagram

The model posed in bed in a patterned top.

Bethany Lily April is a big fan of naps. In a new Instagram post, the model posed in bed and told her 2.9 million-plus followers that she loves naps. She also followed this up with a teasing caption.

In the image, Bethany lay on her side in bed with one arm under her breasts and another holding her phone. Her green eyes were visible as she looked at the camera, while her top only partially concealed the cleavage on display. She rocked a patterned top for the occasion, and wore her hair perfectly styled and sprawled out on the bed. It was also clear that she snuggled up against some sort of furry creature, which could be a dog or a cat.

Bethany’s nap-time look also seemed to include a full face of makeup, including shaped eyebrows and a soft pink lip. She also appeared to be wearing mascara to highlight her long eyelashes, as well as foundation, eyeliner, blush, and bronzer to match her tanned skin.

The update received an overwhelmingly positive reception from Bethany’s fans, who were eager to take her up on her invitation.

“I mean, yeah we could! ;D. So guilty of taking some, especially after an exhausting drawing session,” one user said of their own napping habits.

Others reflected on the fact that Bethany’s frequent naps may explain why she always looks perfect.

“No wonder you’re so beautiful, you getting all that beauty sleep,” another person remarked.

A number of admirers were more eager to offer praise for the model’s beauty.

“Wow so beautiful hope you have a great day,” one fan wrote.

“You are so beautiful, I just love your face, pretty smile,” another said.

In the first hour after the picture was posted, Bethany’s followers had already hit the “like” button thousands of times and left more than 1,000 comments. She even took to the comments herself, offering some replies to fans, including an additional clarification that she truly loves naps.

Although Bethany’s most recent upload featured her in bed after a nap, other recent ones have seen her in slightly more provocative poses in similar settings. In one post from earlier this month, she rocked a tiny bra and panty set that just barely managed to hide her naturally curvy figure. In the photos, she posed in bed, leaving little to the imagination while flaunting her ample breasts. The post was commented on more than 1,800 times.