Vivi Castrillon Applies Lipstick In Low-Plunging Silk Dress

Viviana Castrillon snaps a selfie.
Viviana Castrillon / Instagram

Vivi Castrillon was feeling sexy in black in the latest addition added to her Instagram page. The social media upload consisted of five new photos that saw her getting her glam on.

The photos were snapped in front of a mirror that was lined with bulbs while the hottie applied lipstick to her plump pout. Vivi appeared to be in a dressing room, and as a tag on the post indicated, she was in New York. In front of her was a table that was scattered with different makeup brushes, mascaras, and eye shadows. The model pursed her lips and gazed into the camera with an alluring stare while clad in one of the hottest outfits to date.

She opted for a skin-baring dress that captured her figure from every angle. The photo was snapped from her back, but her reflection could be seen in the mirror. The front of the ensemble dipped well below her chest and exposed a piece of her taut tummy underneath. The dress possessed skinny straps that fell halfway down her chest, covering what was necessary to meet Instagram’s nudity rules but still leaving ample cleavage well on display. The bottom of the strap had a circular silver piece that was adorned with rhinestones and added another element of bling to the racy look.

The piece secured around Vivi’s neck in a halter-neck style while the back of her outfit was just as revealing. Only a small piece of the dress’s fabric rested on her derriere, and ample booty was shown to the camera. Each image captured her at a different angle that highlighted her curves. Vivi also sported a pair of dripping earrings that fell down her neck.

She wore her long, brunette tresses with an incredibly deep side part, and her flowing mane fell on one shoulder. Vivi’s smoldering look called for a stunning application of makeup that seemed to include defined brows, eyeliner, mascara, and blush.

In the caption, she shared that her photographer, Andres Otero, was the mastermind behind the new post and revealed that this was one of her favorite shoots. Vivi’s fans have been loving the post so far, and it’s already earned over 17,000 likes and 260-plus comments.

“Looking gorgeous sexy hot glamorous and beautiful also sexy,” one follower wrote.

“Wow. Good Night VV. So Much Sexy BB. Excellent Princess. Divine Dive. Absolutely Beauty and Sensual Lady. Have a great month of June Too. Millons [sic] the Kisses VV,” a second complimented.

“So so so so sweet & so beautiful,” another chimed in.

A few more fans could not find the right words to convey their feelings and commented with emoji instead of words.