Nadine Kerastas Lets It All Hang Out In Skimpy White Bikini

Nadine Kerastas poses for a selfie.
Nadine Kerastas / Instagram

When it comes to capturing the attention of her Instagram followers, Nadine Kerastas is a pro. The Playboy model updates her account with alluring pictures that often leave her fans wanting more. On Monday, she outdid herself with a snapshot that featured her flaunting her curvaceous figure in a tiny bikini while she soaked up the sun.

Nadine’s sultry post, which can be seen on her Instagram page, consisted of a single photo that saw her presumably outside her home sitting on a lounge chair while sunbathing. In the background, a Chihuahua was also sitting in the sun.

There was not much to the model’s minuscule white bikini, which flattered her tanned skin. The top had narrow cups, and she wore it upside down, giving her fans an incredible view of her voluptuous chest and underboob. The bottoms were just as skimpy, amounting to little more than a triangle of fabric with thin strings that sat high on her hips. Nadine also sported a white baseball cap with the words “no pictures” written across the top. She added some bling to the sexy outfit with a rhinestone pendant necklace and a dangling belly piercing.

Nadine leaned back on one hand while she flaunted her body. Along with her massive cleavage, she showed off her chiseled abs, curvy hips, and toned thighs. Her skin was dewy, possibly from sweat, thus adding some sex appeal to the picture. She was looking down as she ran her hand through her sleek hair with a pout on her face.

In the post’s caption, Nadine asked her followers if they were dog or cat people.

Her question elicited a number of clever responses. That being said, many of her fans seemed thrilled with the snap.

“Literally my favourite post notification ever,” one admirer wrote.

“You are a Dream of a Woman and you look like a goddess in this Bikini Wish you a good start to the week and stay healthy,” a second Instagram user gushed.

“You are looking so beautiful in white bikini Always slaying,” a third follower chimed in.

“OMG! I’m trying to work, but I can always use your type of distraction,” joked a fourth fan.

Nadine’s racy updates most likely distract her followers on a regular basis. Not too long ago, she grabbed their attention when she shared a picture that featured her showing off her backside in a white teddy.