Camila Bernal Tugs On Bikini Top & Flaunts Assets In Flirty Snaps

Camila Bernal poses for a selfie.
Camila Bernal / Instagram

Camila Bernal has been thrilling her 1.3 million Instagram followers with quite a few bikini shots lately. On Monday, the model heated up her page with a couple of snapshots that featured her rocking a tiny two-piece while she spent some time on a yacht. She did not indicate where she was, but wherever she happened was, it looked to be a gorgeous day to relax and soak up the sun.

Camila looked fabulous in the bikini, which was a pale pink color. The top had triangle-shaped cups that showed off her cleavage. It looked to be a size too small, as she flashed plenty of underboob while wearing it. The bottoms were a cheeky thong, showing off her curvy derrière. She sported a large pair of sunglasses that obscured most of her face, completing her beach-day look with a pale blue polish on her nails.

The model let her natural beauty shine through, opting for what appeared to be a makeup-free look. She wore her hair pulled away from her face with a long braid on one side.

Camila gave her fans a nice look at her booty in the first snap. The camera captured her from behind while she struck a sexy pose with one hip cocked to the side. Along with her rear end, she also flaunted her shapely thighs and slender waist. She held her hands on her head while her hair wet hair trailed down her back. Her hourglass shape and bronzed skin popped against the bright blue sky.

In the second snapshot, Camila faced the camera and tugged on her bikini top with her thumb. She kneeled with her legs slightly spread, showing off her thighs and tummy. The model titled her head and flashed a smile while posing for the shot.

In the post’s caption, Camila asked her fans which picture they preferred.

“Always both with you mama,” one admirer quipped.

Many of her admirers agreed as they seemed to have a hard time choosing a favorite.

“Both are very enjoyable,” a second Instagram user chimed in.

Some fans were able to decide, however.

“Hardest decision ever… unpopular opinion, maybe 2,” commented a third follower.

“Very very good sexy honey beautiful bb,” a fourth follower wrote.

Camila definitely knows how to work the camera. Not too long ago, she shared a snap that saw her showing off her assets in a black bodysuit with a thong back.