'General Hospital' Stars Cynthia Watros, Chloe Lanier Attend George Floyd Protests In California

Over the weekend both Cynthia Watros (Nina Reeves) and Chloe Lanier (Nelle Benson) of General Hospital shared posts on Instagram showing their involvement in local protests. People around the country have been protesting George Floyd's death and a number of GH stars have been speaking out on the topic.

On Sunday, Watros shared a photo on her Instagram page and noted she went to a peaceful protest with her daughter. The photo showed Watros standing and holding a "Black Lives Matter" sign over her head.

Watros detailed that the event had been quite peaceful and that the police left them alone for the most part, sometimes intervening as they protected the protesters from traffic. The actress said she knew it probably wouldn't be popular to mention the police leaving them alone, and it looked like that sentiment did generate some buzz in the comments section.

The General Hospital star did note that someone tried to drive through the crowd at one point during the protest she attended. Apparently, that incident caused some minor injuries.

This is not the first time Watros has made an effort to voice her support for the efforts protesting Floyd's death. Several days ago, she posted a photo of Floyd on her Instagram page, followed by a video that has been shared frequently on social media showing a young girl speaking about racism.

Lanier posted a series of videos on her Instagram page on Sunday. She explained these were from a peaceful protest at Pan Pacific Park that took place on Saturday. She noted they saw groups handing out water bottles and being prepared to help with first aid kits. She also said this was an outcry for change.

A bit before this series of videos, Lanier also shared some photos from the event on her Instagram page. It appeared she could be seen from the back in the first photo, her blond hair pulled back into a ponytail and a red bandana serving as a face mask. It seemed the other photos and videos were taken by Lanier or others there with her.

Lanier has also utilized her Instagram page several other times in the past few weeks to speak out on both Floyd's death as well as Ahmaud Arbery's recent death. A number of other General Hospital stars have been doing this as well and continue to do so as the new week begins.

On-screen, Watros and Lanier have been working together quite a bit. It is believed that quite soon after new episodes begin to air again, Nina and Nelle will realize they are related. For now, ABC is airing reruns of prior Nurses Balls.

This rerun strategy will continue for a while, as the cast and crew have not yet been able to return to the set to start filming again amid the coronavirus pandemic. In the meantime, it looks like Watros, Lanier, and a number of other General Hospital stars are using their downtime to lend their voices to these ongoing protests and it seems many fans support their efforts.