June 1, 2020
Stephanie Sanzo Flaunts Chiseled Physique In Sneak Peak Video Of Her New SWEAT Challenge

Fitness model Stephanie Sanzo took to Instagram on Sunday, May 31 to post a sneak peak from her upcoming SWEAT Challenge.

For the workout, the model wore a blue sports bra with a scoop neck and spaghetti straps that left her sculpted arm muscles and toned abdomen on display as she worked out. She paired the top with white spandex shorts that contoured to her curvy lower half and left plenty of leg muscle exposed.

Stephanie completed the outfit with white sneakers, a white exercise watch, and a gold bar necklace. She wore her long blond locks pulled up in a high ponytail that was braided and hung down her back. The fitness trainer also appeared to be wearing black mascara, black eyeliner, pink eye shadow, bronzer, and pink lip gloss to emphasize her facial features.

Before jumping into the sneak peak of several upper body exercises that will be part of the new challenge, Stephanie spoke to her 1.9 million followers in a quick video clip. She told them that there will be a SWEAT six-week challenge coming up and that she wanted to take her trainees through a preview of one of the sessions from her program, "Lifting at Home." The exercises required the use of an exercise mat, a set of dumbbells, and a resistance band.

Stephanie began the set of eight exercises with push presses, placing a dumbbell in each hand and pressing her arms up towards the ceiling. She moved into single arm rows next, again using the dumbbells. In the third video, the fitness model performed a series of floor presses, lying back on the floor and pushing her arms up towards the ceiling. She followed up with skull crushers, another move carried out from the floor.

The fifth exercise in the set was deficit push-ups, which were executed similarly to regular push-ups. However, instead of placing her hands on the floor, Stephanie gripped a pair of dumbbells. The next exercise was band pull-aparts, using the resistance band, and was followed up by mountain climbers. The final move in the circuit was dead bugs.

In the caption of the post, Stephanie explained the upper body workout was part of the "Challenge Me" program, which will be exclusive to the upcoming challenge. She added that participants can choose the "Starting Out" program if they're new to lifting.

The post earned nearly 30,000 likes and hundreds of comments within the first day.

"I'm signed up for your challenge! I'm excited!" one enthusiastic follower wrote in the comments section.