Queen Elizabeth, 94, Enjoys Horseback Ride During Quarantine At Windsor Castle

Queen Elizabeth, 94, enjoyed a horseback ride at her home at Windsor Castle as she continues to quarantine against COVID-19. The ruling monarch of England was seen in two new images shared by Buckingham Palace in her first public outing since sequestering with her husband, Prince Philip, 98, at the family's country home.

In the first of the series of five uploads, the queen wore a warm, olive green jacket. She paired that topper with tan riding pants, dark brown boots, cream-colored gloves, and a colorful scarf atop her head. In the caption, it was revealed that she was riding a horse named Fern, a 14-year-old Fell Pony.

In a second share, the queen appeared to be healthy and content as she enjoyed the outdoors and participated in a favorite pastime of the royal family. Followers of the clan could see the monarch's face clearly in the image in the Instagram upload. She appeared to be intently focused on enjoying a safe ride.

The third image showed the queen with one of the royal animals in an undated photo taken prior to the pandemic. Queen Elizabeth smiled as she interacted with the majestic animal and its handler. The queen dressed for her royal workday. She wore a lovely blue coat with a black collar in the share. She wore pearl earrings on her earlobes and her gray hair was styled in soft curls and away from her face.

Two older images were also shared by Buckingham Palace, which further tied the queen to the majestic animals. In the fourth black-and-white photo, Queen Elizabeth was seen with her sister, Princess Anne. The Princess Royal was dressed in equestrian gear while the queen wore a smart tweed coat with knee-length boots and a coordinating hat.

In the final photo, the royal was seen riding with her son Prince Charles in an image that appeared to be taken when Charles was a young man.

Fans of the royal family were happy to see that Queen Elizabeth appeared to be in good health and enjoying some time outside participating in a beloved activity.

"I want to still be able to ride horses when I am 94!" remarked one follower.

"I don't care what anyone says, this woman is amazing and an incredible role model. How many people are still walking unaided at 94 let alone riding horses!" noted a second fan of the ruling monarch.

"It's so lovely to see Her Majesty at good health enjoying the day on horseback," stated a third Instagram user.

"Imagine being 94 years old and still looking that graceful on a horse. You go, Your Majesty!" said a fourth fan.