Ainsley Rodriguez Smolders In Micro String Bikini On Instagram

Ainsley Rodriguez snaps a selfie.
Ainsley Rodriguez / Instagram

Ainsley Rodriguez is back in a bikini on Instagram, and fans are going crazy for her most recent post. The May 31 upload quickly garnered rave reviews from her 2 million fans.

The model’s smoking-hot update consisted of two photos that showed her at slightly different angles, though both showcased her killer bikini body. Behind her was a frosted glass door that led into a shower, and a bathtub appeared on her right. The images were snapped in a selfie-style fashion in what appeared to be her own home, though she did not use a geotag on the post to indicate her exact location. In her caption, the fitness coach and model urged her fans to join her new four-week program — one that kicks off in a few hours.

Ainsley showed off all of her hard work in the gym in a micro black bikini that left little to the imagination. Her top boasted a halter-neck cut and tiny triangular cups that flaunted her cleavage and left her decolletage completely bare. Meanwhile, the garment’s thin strings allowed Ainsley’s sculpted arms to be on full display.

Her bottoms were just as hot and were constructed of the same black fabric. Ainsley twirled one of the strings from the suit’s side in her fingers, which helped draw attention to her muscular quads and shapely hips. The garment rested high on her hips while accentuating her tiny midsection and waist, which were undoubtedly the result of intense sweat sessions that she often shares on her page.

Ainsley added a small amount of bling to her look with a simple silver bracelet. She pulled her long, dark tresses back in a high ponytail that cascaded down her back and appeared to be wearing a small amount of makeup — even though the majority of her face was covered by her cellphone. Ainsley’s cosmetics application seemed to include defined brows and a few coats of mascara.

The post has proved to be quite popular with Ainsley’s fan base, and has amassed well over 22,000 likes and 609 comments in a few hours. Some Instagram users commented on the fitness program, while countless others gushed over her physique.

“Wow. Good for you girl. I don’t wanna be disrespectful but dang you hot!” one follower gushed, adding a few flame emoji.

“Will these classes be added to your diamond plan?” another fan asked of the fitness program.

“Thank you Ainsley… Breath taking as always…” a third admirer wrote.